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Sports and Exercise Programs Cultivate Healthy Living for Students

By Tim Carney, executive director for housing, Pryzbyla Center, and recreational sports; and Wendy White, director of the Eugene I. Kane Student Fitness Center

Cultivating Catholic minds at The Catholic University of America is often complemented by physical activity through the various sports and exercise programs available to our students. Many people are not familiar with the wide range of recreational sports and fitness activities that are offered at Catholic University in addition to the 21 varsity sports that compete at the national level. Thousands of students each year are involved in the University’s club and intramurals programs and even more take advantage of the programming, fitness, and wellness opportunities offered through the Eugene I. Kane Student Fitness Center.

More than 260 student-athletes compete in 11 different club sports here at Catholic University: men’s and women’s rugby, men’s and women’s ultimate Frisbee, men’s club lacrosse, ballroom dancing, cheerleading, crew, dance, ice hockey, and sailing. The clubs are incredibly active and dedicated as they collectively spend over 40 hours a week using any available court and field space for practice and competitions. There were more than 40 games, matches, and tournaments for club sports this past semester. Many of our club teams travel on the weekends to local and national tournaments. The dance team and cheerleading squad perform and support the varsity basketball teams at home games and the dance squad recently competed at a national tournament.

Our intramural program also is very popular. Over 1,000 students, faculty, and staff populated roughly 100 teams in our various intramural sports programs over the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Flag football is the most popular offering in the fall before sports such as volleyball, soccer, and men’s and women’s basketball move indoors. Other intramural offerings include co-ed singles and doubles tennis, men’s and women’s racquetball, co-ed badminton, co-ed softball, and track and field. These opportunities provide great environments for friendly, yet intense, competition.

The Kane Student Fitness Center is a perfect venue for our students to do their daily workouts. It also provides much more in the form of fitness programming. Programs through Cardinal Adventures included a flying trapeze class, horseback riding, rock climbing, ice skating, and skiing down the slopes of central Pennsylvania. New programming has also provided additional fitness opportunities for students. During busy academic times of the year, students were able to enjoy sunrise yoga in Opus Hall and evening yoga in the Edward M. Crough Center for Architectural Studies. Nutritionists, fitness instructors, fitness classes, and more than 90 hours of weekly access to the facilities provide students with ample opportunities and support to help them achieve their personal goals for wellness and healthy living.