The Catholic University of America


Guidance for Engaging in Political Activities


By Vin Lacovara, chief ethics and compliance officer

The University is committed to the free and open discussion of ideas and opinions, and encourages each of us to participate personally in the political process. At the same time, as a tax-exempt institution of higher education, the University itself is prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in any political campaign.

Recently the University revised its Political Activities Policy. The revised policy provides guidance to staff, faculty, and students so they may engage in the political process in a manner that does not jeopardize the University’s tax-exempt status. The revised policy includes definitions and Frequently Asked Questions for common activities. All members of the University community should be familiar with this policy.

If after reading the policy you still have questions, please contact the Office of General Counsel (tel. 202-319-5142202-319-5142). General policy questions can be directed to Vin Lacovara, chief ethics and compliance officer, at tel. (202) 319-6170(202) 319-6170 or CUA-COMPLIANCE@CUA.EDU.