The Catholic University of America


What Do I Need to Know About Compliance and Ethics?


By Vin Lacovara, CUA compliance and privacy officer

The University’s Compliance and Ethics Program supports the University’s mission and core values by providing resources to help us determine the right course of action and meet our ethical and legal obligations when acting on behalf of the University.

Compliance and ethics begin with the University’s Code of Conduct, which sets forth our commitments to the University, to the community, to following laws and polices, and to reporting unethical conduct. The Code forms the ethical foundation of the Compliance and Ethics Program, and for the University policies that govern specific activities and transactions we engage in. All staff and faculty employees should be familiar with the University Code of Conduct.

If you are uncertain whether there are compliance or ethical implications of an activity, contact the compliance and privacy officer for guidance. The Compliance and Privacy Officer, who reports to the Office of the President and the Audit Committee of the Board, serves as a clearinghouse for information, and will assist you in working through difficult situations.

Employees who observe non-compliant or unethical conduct should report it! Concerns can be reported to your supervisor, to the individual responsible for the area of concern (e.g. the equal opportunity officer or the information security officer), or to the compliance and privacy officer, who ensures that all suspected non-compliance or ethical lapses are reviewed and that corrective action is taken where necessary. All concerns may be reported without fear of retaliation per the University’s Non-Retaliation Policy.

If you are uncomfortable reporting concerns you may report them anonymously through the University’s Compliance and Ethics Helpline (toll free at 855-350-9396 or online at

By using the Compliance and Ethics Program resources above, we all help maintain the University’s reputation as an institution that does the right thing.