The Catholic University of America


Protecting Student Privacy


By Vin Lacovara, CUA compliance and privacy officer

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires that we protect student education records against unauthorized disclosure.

Education records include student information such as grades, disability or medical information, student record numbers, and any personally-identifiable information about a student. Education records can be in any form (paper, electronic, etc.).

Remember the following:

  • Share student information only with other University officials with a legitimate need to see that information.
  • Do not send emails to multiple students that contain any student information.
  • Do not discuss student matters with parents unless a FERPA release is on file with the Office of Enrollment Services.
  • Do not leave education records where they can be viewed or accessed by anyone other than the student to which the record pertains (e.g., publicly-accessible mailboxes).
  • Complete mandatory online FERPA training ( every two years.

For guidance regarding sharing student information, see section VII of the Student Records Policy and review How Do I Share Student Information Properly? on the Compliance and Ethics Program website. You also may contact the Compliance and Privacy Officer (tel. 202-319-6170, COMPLIANCE@CUA.EDU), the Office of Enrollment Services (cua-FERPA@CUA.EDU), or the Office of General Counsel (tel. 202-319-5142).