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  Carl J. Hoffman

Dr. Carl J. Hoffman Leaves $100,000 to CUA

Carl J. Hoffman, B.S. (biology) 1942, of Pennsylvania passed away on May 27, 2010, at the age of 92. In keeping with his spirit of public service and love for CUA, Dr. Hoffman dreamed of ensuring that future generations of CUA students would be offered the same opportunity he had to study at a unique, pontifical university. Recently, CUA received notification of the final distribution of his estate. His estate gift of $100,000 will help that dream become a reality.

Hoffman's father was a carpenter. His uncle was a successful butcher and his mother wanted Carl to work with him at the slaughter house. He didn't want to do that and, with his father's blessing, drove to D.C. to see about attending CUA in 1938. There he met with one of the top administrators, Rev. James Campbell. Father Campbell sent him to see Father Joseph LaRue, who was the vice rector in charge of funding. Father LaRue approved a full scholarship as well as room and board. In exchange Hoffman was assigned to work in the cafeteria. He never forgot Father LaRue's generosity and became his lifelong friend and personal physician.

During his purpose-filled life, Hoffman sat on the staff of four hospitals, had a private practice, and served as medical director and head of the mental health unit at Nazareth Hospital in Philadelphia. He was a teacher of neurology at the Women's Medical College, a consulting physician to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the past president of the Guild of Catholic Psychiatrists.

He served in both the Marine Corps and the Army during World War II. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science from Duquesne University and was honored by The Catholic University of America in 1966 for outstanding achievement in the field of medicine. The American Psychiatric Association presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award after more than 50 years of service.

For 66 years he was the beloved husband of Martha M. Hoffman (now deceased). Together they raised five children and had five grandchildren. His sons David (J.D. 1980) and Gerald (M.A. 1973) also are graduates of Catholic University. Gerald made a personal visit to present President John Garvey with his father's donation.