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Compliance Communique

By Vin Lacovara, CUA Compliance and Privacy Officer


Policies convey to members of the University community the right course of action when engaged in specific University activities. The policies below were adopted or significantly revised recently. All members of the University community should be familiar with these policies.

Crime Reporting and Response Policy — This new policy explains where to report suspected crimes and how the University will communicate crime alerts and timely warnings to the campus community, and provides additional guidance and resources for members of the campus community to use to protect themselves and prevent crimes from occurring. This policy also includes a link to the University’s most recent Annual Safety and Fire Safety Report.

Emergency Preparedness, Reporting, Response and Recovery Policy — This new policy provides guidance for members of the campus community to use in preparing for emergencies, including resources for developing a Personal Emergency Plan. The policy also sets forth where to report emergencies, how the University will communicate emergency situations to the campus community, and how individuals should respond when notified of an emergency situation.

Honoraria Policy — This policy was revised to clarify when honoraria are permissible, and to clarify the requirements for approval and processing. Additional guidance and requirements are provided for situations where the payment will be made to a non-U.S. person per the Non-Resident Alien Payments Policy.

Standardization Policy — This is a new policy developed in order to standardize the purchase of goods and equipment in order to improve University processes, leverage the University’s buying power, optimize technical support, and contain costs.

If you have specific questions about a University policy, contact the responsible official listed in the policy or the compliance and privacy officer at tel. 202-319-6170 or CUA-COMPLIANCE@CUA.EDU.