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Michaela Farber, associate professor, social work, has been appointed to serve as a member of the District of Columbia Developmental Disabilities Fatality Review Committee.

Katherine Jansen, professor, history, has been appointed a resident at the American Academy in Rome for spring 2014.

Philip Rousseau, Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for the Study of Early Christianity, was appointed an honorary professor in the faculties of theology and philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. The appointment runs until 2016 and will involve research collaboration with Australian colleagues in the early Christian and Late Antique fields.


Awards and Honors

Michael Kimmage, associate professor, history, was awarded a fellowship at the Center for Advanced Studies at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich for June.

Gunnar Lucko, associate professor of civil engineering, received the 2013 Daniel W. Halpin Award for Scholarship in Construction from the American Society for Civil Engineers.

Philip Rousseau, Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for the Study of Early Christianity, was presented with a festschrift titled "Ascetic Culture: Essays in Honor of Philip Rousseau," celebrating 40 years of research and publication in the field of Late Antique asceticism during the annual meeting of the North American Patristic Society held May 23 to 25 in Chicago.


On the Road

John Garvey, University President, spoke on “Teaching Virtue” at the Napa Institute Conference held July 31 to Aug. 4 in Napa, Calif.

Duilia de Mello, associate professor, physics, visited the National Observatory in Rio de Janeiro May 15 to June 12. She gave a series of talks on "Production of Energy in the Universe" at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro on May 23, at Federal University of Sergipe in Aracaju, Brazil, on June 5, and at the Planetarium of Rio de Janeiro on June 8. She gave a colloquium titled "From the Local to the Distant Universe" at the National Observatory on June 13. She visited the European Southern Observatory in Santiago, Chile, from June 17 to July 12. She visited the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile on June 21 to discuss the Workshop of the International Network of Catholic Astronomy Institutions that was held in Chile Aug. 19 to 23. She gave a talk titled "From Clumps to Disks" at the conference Physical Processes of Galaxy Formation: Consensus and Challenges" held July 22 to 26 in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Robert Destro, professor, law, participated in a June 16 panel discussion on "The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East" at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.

William Dinges, professor, theology and religious studies, presented a response to Fordham University Professor of Theology Tom Beaudoin’s paper "'Help my Unbelief’: Deconversion in Catholicism Today” at the 68th Annual Convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America held June 7 in Miami.

Monsignor Kevin Irwin, Monsignor Walter J. Schmitz, S.S. Professor of Liturgical Studies, participated in the Liturgy Conference 2013: Celebrating the Sacred Mysteries, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and held June 28 and 29 in that city.

Beverly Petersen Jennison, clinical associate professor, law, taught a course titled American Legal Analysis and Writing at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, April 22 to 26. The course was part of the American Law Program, which is a partnership between the Columbus School of Law and Jagiellonian University.

Charles Jones, associate professor, theology and religious studies, presented the paper “Creation and Causality in Chinese-Jesuit Polemical Literature” at the Ninth Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought held May 11 in Dayton, Ohio. He presented the paper “Self-Power and Other-Power in Early Modern Chinese Pure Land Thought” at the conference The Pure Land in Buddhist Cultures: History, Image, Praxis, Thought held June 2 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Michael Kimmage, associate professor, history, presented the paper "In Search of Western Civilization" at the German Historical Institute on April 19.

Very Rev. Mark Morozowich, dean, theology and religious studies, presented in early May at the Diocese of Monterey’s Clergy Study Days Conference titled Faith, Renewal and Mystagogy: Christ in our Midst Today. He focused on the relationship between faith and liturgy as it guides ministry for the New Evangelization.

Jerry Muller, chair and professor, history, participated in a "Roundtable on Capitalism and Inequality" at the conference Capitalism and Political Theory held April 5 at the Political Theory Institute at American University in Washington, D.C. He presented the paper "Jacob (Taubes) and Susan (Taubes) and Philip (Rieff) and Susan (Sontag) and Herbert (Marcuse) and Brandeis (University)" at the Conference in Honor of Stephen Whitfield held April 7 at Brandeis University in Waltham, Mass. He served as chair for a panel titled "Ideas of Conservatism" at the conference Inventing the "Silent Majority": Conservative Mobilization in Western Europe and the United States in the 1960s and 1970s held April 18 at the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C. He spoke on "Capitalism and the Jews" on May 6 at the Jewish Studies Center at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., and on May 7 at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, clinical associate professor, theology and religious studies, delivered the commencement address at St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore on May 16. He also received a Doctor of Divinity degree, honoris causa.

Merylann J. Shuttloffel, chair, education, was among education deans of 19 major Catholic universities who met for the first time ever on June 10 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. At the meeting — hosted by St. John's University, New York — the deans signed a statement calling for a greater role in supporting Catholic schooling, particularly in the elementary grades. Shuttloffel was invited to represent The Catholic University of America due to her expertise in Catholic education and her role as education department chair. She also serves as liaison between the Catholic Higher Education Supporting Catholic Schools Association and the executive board of the Chief Administrators of Catholic Education, a department of the National Catholic Educational Association.

Tarmo Toom, associate professor, theology and religious studies, delivered the paper “What is St. Patrick’s ‘Creed’ (conf. 4)?” at the Annual Meeting of the North American Patristics Society held May 23 to 25 in Chicago.

Wilhelmus Valkenberg, professor, theology and religious studies, presented the paper "The Role of Ghurba (Exile) as Physical and Spiritual Category in Jalaluddin Rumi and Said Nursi" at an international symposium on Said Nursi and Jalal al-Din Rumi held May 24 to 26 in Konya, Turkey. He participated in a seminar about “The Overlooked Revolution: the Shift in Catholic Teaching on the Jews since Vatican II” held June 10 to 14 at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. He gave a presentation on “Saint Francis of Assisi, Louis Massignon and Fethullah Gulen: Models of Peace-Oriented Interpretation of the Scriptures” at a symposium on Sacred Texts and Human Contents: A Symposium on the Role of Sacred Texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Uniting and Dividing Humanity held June 23 to 25 at the Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue at Nazareth College in Rochester, N.Y.



Jay Brock, clinical assistant professor, music, directed "The Pajama Game" at Montgomery College in Rockville, Md., June 21 to 30.

Pauline Grossman, lecturer, music, directed "The Wiz" at Montgomery College in Rockville, Md., July 12 to 28.



Jon Anderson, professor, anthropology, wrote the article “Is Informationalization Good for the Middle East?” for the summer 2013 issue of Arab Media and Society.

Joshua Benson, assistant professor, theology and religious studies, published translations of Hugh of St. Victor's spiritual works "The Five Sevens" and "On the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit" in the Victorine Texts in Translation Series volume titled Writings on the Spiritual Life (published by Brepols). He wrote the essay “’Hold Back Nothing of Yourselves for Yourselves’: Transitus Address 2012,” in The Cord, Vol. 63, No. 1.

David Bosworth, assistant professor, theology and religious studies, wrote the article "The Tears of God in the Book of Jeremiah" in the journal Biblica, Vol. 94.

Rev. John Ford, C.S.C., professor, theology and religious studies, wrote three contributions for the book Unity in Mission: Theological Reflections on the Pilgrimage of Mission, which is part of the Order Commission Theological Series (Paulist Press, 2013): “Unity and Mission: A Pilgrimage of Accompaniment,” “The Fifth Station of the Way of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry His Cross,” and “Ecclesial Identities and Ecumenical Approaches.” He wrote "John Henry Newman: Conversion as Inference,” published in the Newman Studies Journal, Vol. 10, No. 1.

Elizabeth Foxwell, staff editor of The Catholic Historical Review, wrote the chapter “’Your Sin Will Find You Out’: Critical Perceptions of Mystery Fiction” for Crime and Detection Fiction, a volume in Salem Press’ Critical Insight series. She also reviewed Judith Flanders’ The Invention of Murder: How Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Invented Modern Crime for the Aug. 1 Washington Independent Review of Books.

Katherine Jansen, professor, history, co-edited Center and Periphery: Studies on Power in the Medieval World in Honor of William Chester Jordan (Brill, 2013) and contributed the essay "Peacemaking, Performance and Power in Thirteenth-Century Gimignano."

Charles Jones, associate professor, theology and religious studies, wrote the article “The Wheelwright and the Butcher: Master Zhuang’s Recipe for Mindful Living,” published in Education About Asia, Vol. 18, No. 1.

Michael Kimmage, associate professor, history, wrote the essay "Fathers and Writers: Kafka’s 'Letter to His Father' and Philip Roth’s Non-Fiction" for the spring issue of the Philip Roth Journal.

Robert D. Miller, O.F.S., associate professor, theology and religious studies, wrote the article “The Song of Songs: A Plea for an Aesthetical Reading,” published in Sacra Scripta, Vol. 10, No. 2.

Shavaun Wall, professor, education, co-wrote a study titled "Identification of disabilities and service receipt among preschool children living in poverty" in the Journal of Special Education, April 2013.



John Osman, doctoral candidate in religious education and catechetics, gave a presentation titled "Catechesis in a Digital Age" to a meeting of the New York State Catechetical Leaders held June 10 and 11 in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Laura Swett, a doctoral student in social work, was selected for the fourth cohort of the Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work's Gerontological Social Work Pre-Dissertation Initiative. This honor, made in recognition of potential in the field of gerontological social work, provides experiences to strengthen student commitment to and expertise in gerontological social work research, education, and practice.

Twenty-six CUA elementary education majors participated in a celebration of literacy May 6 at St. Andrew Apostle School in Silver Spring, Md., as the final exam in their Reading Methods course. The pre-service teachers led activities on Mayan hieroglyphics, immigration, U.S. presidents, and the Civil War, among other topics, for about 200 St. Andrew students. Education department faculty members Agnes Cave, John Convey, Liz Flens, Elizabeth Montanaro, Kathleen Perencevich, Elsie Neely, and Merylann Shuttlofel served as judges at the event.