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Compliance Communique

By Vin Lacovara, CUA Compliance and Privacy Officer


The Catholic University of America has a unique ethical culture. To maintain that culture, it is vital that we all speak up when we see violations of policies or laws. When we don't, our culture degrades. Small issues become big issues and serious harm can be done to our reputation and the effectiveness of University operations.

Unfortunately, not everyone who observes violations chooses to raise them. Sometimes people decide not to say anything because they are afraid of retaliation. Per the University’s Non-Retaliation Policy, we have zero tolerance for retaliation. We must maintain an environment in which people feel comfortable speaking up and feel safe in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously, and that they will not be punished for being the bearers of bad or inconvenient news.

If you observe violations of policies or laws, the University wants to know about them. Report suspected violations to your supervisor, to University officials responsible for the area of concern, or to the compliance and privacy officer. If you are not comfortable using these administrative channels, you may make an anonymous report through the University’s Compliance and Ethics Helpline (toll free at tel. 855-350-9396 or online at

For more information about reporting, see the Compliance and Ethics Program brochure, visit the Compliance and Ethics Program website, or contact the compliance and privacy officer at tel. 202-319-6170 or at CUA-COMPLIANCE@CUA.EDU.