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Child Care Options for CUA Employees

By Christine Sportes, Associate Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer


As a CUA employee, you are automatically enrolled and eligible to tap into the many resources and benefits provided by the University’s employee assistance program, Carebridge. Among the services and resources available through Carebridge you will find extensive resources dedicated to educating and assisting you in the selection of child care. Using the resources made available by Carebridge, you may conduct your own search or you may choose to work with a Carebridge child care specialist. Carebridge child care specialists are available to assist CUA employees by conducting a search for specific or unique information, providing information on parenting concerns, assisting employees in choosing child care, and answering questions. Literature on child care and parenting topics also can be found on the website at The access code for The Catholic University of America is HSBH4. The Carebridge Child Care Resource Libraries include information on topics such as day care centers; family/group day care homes; in-home care including nannies and au pairs; separation anxiety information; child care safety; checklists for child care, and many other useful topics.

If you have child care needs and prefer to conduct your own search, Carebridge recommends the following three web sites for CUA employees:



Washington, D.C.:

Remember, if you would prefer to engage some help with locating child care to fit your specific requirements, contact a Carebridge child care specialist who will listen to your specifications and conduct a search for you. For more information regarding your Carebridge employee assistance benefits, contact the Office of Human Resources at extension 5050.