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  Rev. Mark Morozowich
  Rev. Mark Morozowich, dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, speaks to the media after the election of Pope Francis.

Happy Easter!

The election of Pope Francis near the end of Lent brought a series of exciting firsts for the Church: the first Jesuit pope, the first Latin American pope, and the first pope to take the name Francis. From the first moment of his papacy he has shown the world his piety, simple humility, and great love for the poor. He has an authenticity the Church and the world need to see. It feels like a new chapter. I can’t wait to see how Francis’s papacy unfolds.

Speaking of the papal election, I want to extend my gratitude to the many faculty members who shared their talent and expertise with the media before and during the conclave and election. If you look at this month’s In the Media you will be impressed, as I was, by the extent of our community’s involvement. It testifies to the quality of our scholars and our role as the voice of Catholic higher education in America that our faculty experts have been so much sought after during the past few weeks.

This year our Department of Drama is celebrating its 75th anniversary. It is a good occasion to reflect on the wonderful contributions Drama has made to the academic and artistic culture at Catholic University since its founding in 1937. I am proud of the great legacy of our Drama students, past and present, and congratulate the department on 75 years of success. On April 26 and 27 we will mark the occasion with a weekend gala for alumni and distinguished guests.

On April 12 we will host students admitted to the class of 2017, next year’s incoming freshmen, for Odyssey Day. Choosing a college is an exciting and sometimes worrying process for parents and students. One of the best things we can do to attract incoming students is to make them feel welcome and at home. If you see students on Odyssey Day, please reach out to them. Say hello, and ask them where they are from. It will help them to see what a wonderful, hospitable place The Catholic University of America is.

On April 13 we will honor eight of our outstanding alumni at the 2013 Alumni Awards dinner. Three days later I will attend the Cardinal Leadership Celebration. It is an honor each year to be a part of a ceremony celebrating our exceptional student leaders. Both events are a reminder of the quality of our students, and the wonderful training and preparation for life they receive at Catholic University. It’s apt that the two celebrations should come on the heels of Odyssey Day. April 12 is a day of “promises made.” April 13 and 16 demonstrate the end result: “promises kept.”

I wish you all a very happy Easter season, and a promising spring.