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Compliance Communique

By Vin Lacovara, CUA Compliance and Privacy Officer


What you need to know before hiring a staff employee

Don’t let new employees begin working before the formal hiring process is complete! This applies even to temporary hires, student employees, and interns.

Allowing new employees to begin working before the formal hiring process is complete exposes the University to compliance risks with respect to federal and D.C. requirements regarding employment eligibility and timely payroll payments. Violations of these laws can result in fines and undue audit attention. All new staff hires also must undergo background checks in accordance with the University’s Background Investigation Policy.

As soon as the need to hire a staff employee arises, contact the director of employment and training/development in the Office of Human Resources at 202-319-4177. The director will assist you in meeting the compliance requirements of the University’s Employment Practices and Procedures Policy. This also will streamline your hiring process.

A quick reference guide for staff hiring practices is now available on the Compliance and Ethics Program website under the new “How Do I…” section. If you have concerns about the program, please contact me at 202-319-6170 or at