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2013 New Year’s Resolution: Driving to Campus? Join a Car Pool!

By Christine Sportes, Associate Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer


During the upcoming months, CUA will launch a new program, Zimride, for all members of the campus community. Why carpool or ride-share? Here are a few good reasons to consider:


  • Save on gas, parking costs, and overall car upkeep


  • Save on time by using the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) and express lanes


  • Reduce travel-related emissions
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce dependency on oil

Personal Well-Being

  • Increase your own energy level — feel less tired on those days when you do not do the driving


  • Enjoy the company of others during your commute

Here are some facts on Zimride:

What is Zimride and when was it first implemented?
Zimride is a social network for ridesharing, enabling drivers and passengers to post rides and match up to share a ride and its associated cost. Schools can partner with Zimride to offer a private Zimride network, which requires a school email and password to gain access. Zimride is free to users. The driver and passenger(s) make the arrangements to split the transportation cost.

Zimride started in early 2007 and now provides rideshare communities to more than 100 universities, including several in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia region.

Who came up with the idea?
Logan Green, Zimride’s CEO, grew up in Los Angeles and always had issues coordinating travel between home and school in Santa Barbara, Calif. He created Zimride after witnessing an efficient transportation system in Zimbabwe (hence the name Zimride). At the same time, John Zimmer was thinking of a similar idea, and they met after a mutual friend posted Logan’s website on Facebook. They partnered with their alma maters (UC Santa Barbara and Cornell) and quickly expanded the network to schools across the country.

Who does Zimride involve? (Students, faculty, staff...?)
Zimride is useful for everyone on campus but specifically targets both commuters and people who travel long distances. Commuters can post their route to campus and the times they typically travel. Zimride will match them with other people with a similar commute.

Those who take longer trips (typically students) can post their planned trips out of town and be matched with users who need a ride to the same place or somewhere along the driver’s route. These rides typically occur on the weekend, with the highest activity around holidays.

What makes Zimride so popular?
Most people try Zimride because they want to save money. Zimride users say they return to the site because they had such a great experience with the service the first time. We’ve heard lots of stories of meeting best friends using Zimride, even one about a wedding! The Facebook integration makes it very easy to see more information about the other users. Connecting to Facebook is not mandatory to use Zimride, but it is highly encouraged.

Sound like an interesting option for the new year? Watch for upcoming information regarding the 2013 CUA Zimride launch!