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Compliance Communique

By Vin Lacovara, CUA Compliance and Privacy Officer


When is it OK to share information about a student?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy and confidentiality of student “education records,” which means information directly related to a current or former student that is kept in any form (written, printed, electronic, etc.) A student’s information may be shared with school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in that information or with a third party if the appropriate consent form is on file. In addition, remember that health and safety are paramount, and FERPA allows for disclosure of student
information in emergencies.

To assist you in determining the proper way to share student information, a quick reference guide is now available on the Compliance and Ethics Program website under the new “How Do I…” section. Additional detailed guidance and resources are available in the University’s Student Records Policy and under FERPA on the Office of General Counsel website.

All staff and faculty also are reminded to complete mandatory FERPA Awareness Training every two years. The training is available online via the Office of Human Resources website under Training Quick Links.

If you have questions about the privacy and confidentiality of information, please contact me at 202-319-6170 or at Specific questions about FERPA may be directed to