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  From left, Jeanne Garvey, John Garvey, Breda Shelton, George Shelton, and John Shelton.

New Digital Arts Room Opens

President John Garvey, members of the University community, and a family of donors celebrated the opening of The George and Breda Shelton Family Room and The Salve Regina Arts Lab in the John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library on Feb. 24. In the newly renovated classroom, students can explore their majors and develop their artistic talents using state-of-the-art technology. The lab was made possible by the combined support of the Shelton family and Jane Nebel Henson.

The day of the opening started with a private Mass celebrated by Rev. James Sabak, O.F.M., in Caldwell Chapel. In attendance were Garvey and his wife Jeanne; George Shelton, Breda Shelton (B.A. 1980), and their son John (B.A. 2008); Shelton Scholar and current senior student John Eby; and Mary-Elizabeth Gervais (B.A. 2009).

Following Mass, guests gathered in the library for the blessing of the arts lab by Father Sabak. Joining them were L.R. Poos, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; Nora Heimann, chair and associate professor of the art department; and Richard Weil (B.S.Arch.) 1975, senior facilities project manager.

During the blessing, Father Sabak called attention to the way the donors’ generosity exemplified the spirit of Lent, setting an inspirational example for the campus community. “This could not be truer because thanks to these wonderful donors’ giving and support, we can continue to nourish students’ minds and encourage their education,” he said.

After the blessing, Dean Poos spoke about why the digital lab has been a priority. “Applications of digital art, digital design, and communications technology have extended to an ever-widening range of other disciplines, and this will continue due to two donors,” he said. The idea of the lab was cemented when the Sheltons, already deeply involved with Catholic University, offered to fund the renovation, Poos added.

“We looked at several buildings to house this lab and came to the conclusion that Mullen Library would be best, being located near the center of campus and embracing the search for knowledge along with encouraging creativity in that pursuit through technology,” said Weil of the renovation. “Without the Shelton family support, the creation of this space to house the Henson gift may not have happened."

Heimann reinforced the importance of the gift, saying “If we may dare to call Jane and the Sheltons our fairy godmothers, may we also dare to call them our Prince and Princess Charming? By giving us this lab, they have invited our students to the greatest opportunities in the realm.”

The session ended with a lab demonstration by art department faculty members Manuel Navarrette and Matthew Barrick.

After the demonstration, the guests gathered for lunch in the May Gallery, where the Garveys expressed their appreciation to the Shelton family and Henson for their support of the project.


Inaugural SIPPY CUP

Since March, Students in Philanthropy (SIP) has been hosting the inaugural year of the SIPPY Cup. Student groups have been committing to one three-hour calling session any weeknight through early April. Students call alumni and friends who have made donations to the University to thank them for their support over the past fiscal year. The group with the most calls in relation to their number of participants will win the 2012 SIPPY Cup. This group will have its name placed on both a trophy and plaque that will be displayed at a campus location still to be determined. To date, SIP has drawn participation from athletics, College Democrats, the Knights of Columbus, and Women in Engineering.

These thank you calls from students help support SIP’s mission of cultivating a spirit of philanthropy on campus. Students who have participated in calling sessions in the past have enjoyed talking with alumni and friends. They learn what motivates donors to give to the University and how philanthropy supports student life. Donors get a chance to talk to current students about their time at CUA and how their support makes a direct impact on them.

The SIPPY Cup is being led by student interns Paige Schaefer and John Fleming. Schaefer, a freshman from Florida, and Fleming, a sophomore from New Hampshire, are working to recruit student organizations and prepare needed materials.

To learn more about SIP and the SIPPY Cup, like us on Facebook at and stay tuned for SIP’s new webpage.