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July, 2019

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President John Garvey was quoted in a May 19 Catholic News Service article about religious freedom. His comments were taken from a May 10 lecture he gave on religious liberty at Calvert Hall College High School in Towson, Md., hosted by Most Rev. Edwin O'Brien, archbishop of Baltimore. The Catholic News Service article also appeared on the National Catholic Register (North Haven, Conn.) website. He was featured in a June 9 Washington Times article about his first year as President of CUA.


He wrote a June 13 opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal about why the University will begin phasing in same-sex residence halls this fall. That was followed by interviews with The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Fox News, PBS,, Inside Higher Ed, Catholic News Service, WMAL Radio, National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," "The Laura Ingraham Show," Relevant Radio's "Drew Mariani Show," and "Bill Bennett's Morning in America."


The news about the decision regarding single-sex residence halls was picked up by other news outlets including the Associated Press, UPI, WTOP News, Catholic News Agency, National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.), and The Dialog (Wilmington, Del.). A June 30 Washington Examiner opinion piece written by columnist Gregory Kane praised President John Garvey's decision to phase in single-sex residence halls for undergraduate students. A July 25 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) blog by Michael Sean Winters also defended President Garvey's decision. The transition to single-gender residence halls was the subject of an article in the August/September issue of First Things and an Aug. 5 opinion piece on the Baptist Press website. 

A July 28 Washington Times article reported on a complaint filed by a George Washington University professor charging that Catholic University's decision to move toward single-sex residence halls is discriminatory. A Catholic University spokesman disputed the charge, pointing out that the University's decision is consistent with federal and D.C. law. President Garvey appeared on EWTN TV's "The World Over" that same night to discuss the change to single-sex residence halls and other questions related to his first year as President.

Garvey also was featured in a June 24 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) article and July 8 The Tidings (Los Angeles) article about his first year as President of CUA and his views on Catholic higher education.


A July 28 Catholic News Agency article and a July 28 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) blog quoted from a statement Garvey made in response to the death of Archbishop Pietro Sambi, apostolic nuncio to the United States.


Garvey wrote an open letter published Aug. 1 by America magazine's website about religious liberty and conscience protection in light of the Institute of Medicine's recent recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services to require insurance companies to include certain services for women in health plans, such as sterilization, contraception, and abortion, and to require employers and employees to pay for them, regardless of whether some find them morally objectionable. Parts of his letter were quoted in an Aug. 1 Catholic News Agency article, an Aug. 2 Politico blog, and an Aug. 4 Catholic News Service article on the topic. He was quoted in an Aug. 11 National Catholic Register (North Haven, Conn.) article on the topic. 

Garvey was interviewed by the National Catholic Register for an Aug. 17 article on his first year as president of Catholic University, his vision for Catholic education, and the threats to religious freedom that Catholic universities now face.


President Garvey and his wife Jeanne helped new freshmen move into their residence halls on Aug. 25. During the move-in he was interviewed about single-sex residence halls by Catholic News Service, WTOP Radio, and Local News Service.




James Brennan, provost, was quoted in an Aug. 2 The Hill (Washington, D.C.) article about academic programs at universities in the D.C. area.

The Washington Business Journal's website noted on July 27 that President Garvey had appointed Lawrence J. Morris as the University's new general counsel. Morris also was quoted in the Aug. 8 "On the Move" section of CQ Weekly about his transition from the Department of Defense to a position in higher education.

Christine Sportes, associate vice president and chief human resources officer, was quoted in an article in the May issue of University Business about online employee orientation programs.



Lucy Cohen, professor, was quoted in a June 6 Washington Post article about a Mass held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception for couples who have been married at least 25 years.


Architecture and Planning

Bradley Guy
, assistant professor, was interviewed for a May 25 Christian Science Monitor (Boston) article about deconstructing houses to recycle parts.


Canon Law


Rev. Sean O. Sheridan, T.O.R., assistant professor, was quoted in a June 13 Times-Picayune (New Orleans) article about the selection of a new leader of the Josephite religious society and the impact it will have on a New Orleans school run by that religious society.


CUA Press

Trevor Lipscombe, director, was quoted in an April 6 Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales) article about the role of science in sports. The article also mentions Lipscombe's book, The Physics of Rugby.


Laura Mayhall, associate professor, was interviewed in Paris May 9 by filmmaker Michele Dominici for a documentary about the women's suffrage movement in Britain. The film will eventually air on Arte, the Franco-German TV station.

Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies

Stephen Schneck, director and associate professor of politics, was quoted in a June 2 Postmedia News article about former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's entry into the race for the Republican Party's nomination for the 2012 presidential election. He was quoted in a July 1 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) article about Alexia Kelley, the White House's liaison to the Catholic community in the Office for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Schneck was quoted in a July 14 Huffington Post article about a letter sent to Congress urging members to protect programs for the poor and vulnerable during balanced-budget negotiations. He was quoted in a similar July 18 America article. He also was quoted in a July 15 Bloomberg article about the advocacy group Americans for Progress. He wrote a July 24 Our Sunday Visitor opinion piece about the government's need to protect the poor and vulnerable when creating a budget. He wrote a July 28 op-ed for the National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) about protecting differences of conscience in decisions to provide certain medical procedures and prescriptions. Parts of his op-ed were quoted in a July 29 blog post on America magazine's website, in an Aug. 4 Catholic News Service article on the topic, and in an Aug. 8 Religion News Service article.

Sandra Barrueco, fellow and assistant professor of psychology, was quoted in a May 5 Education Week article about preschool education for immigrant children.

William D'Antonio, fellow and adjunct professor of sociology, was quoted in a June 30 Sacramento (Calif.) Bee article about factors that increase the chances of a marriage ending in divorce.

Matthew Green, fellow and associate professor of politics, was quoted in a July 28 Daily Beast (New York, N.Y.) article about House Speaker John Boehner's role in the federal debt-ceiling negotiations. He was quoted in a similar July 28 Canadian Press article.

Maryann Cusimano Love, fellow and associate professor of politics, wrote a column for the May 16 issue of America magazine about building up African countries after violent conflicts. She wrote a column for the July 18 issue of America magazine about whether peacebuilding is possible in a world many see as full of evils. Her column appears regularly in the magazine. A July 5 Catholic News Service article quoted remarks made by Cusimano Love at the June 30 conference "Future of Peacebuilding: Contributions from Catholic Theology, Ethics, Praxis."

Timothy Meagher, fellow, University archivist, and associate professor of history, was quoted in a June 25 Irish Times article about the type of language used by Americans, especially politicians.

Rev. Anthony Pogorelc, S.S., fellow, adjunct assistant professor of sociology and faculty member at Theological College, was quoted in an April 2 Tablet (London) article about the effects of the growing population of Latinos on the Catholic Church in the United States. He also was a guest on "The Drew Mariani Show" on Relevant Radio on April 5 to discuss a Koran that was burned by a Florida pastor. Father Pogorelc presided over and delivered the homily at the funeral of National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) editor and publisher Joseph Feuerherd on June 1. The text of his homily was published on the National Catholic Reporter website.

Rev. Paul Sullins, fellow and associate professor of sociology, was quoted in an Aug. 16 National Catholic Register (North Haven, Conn.) article about a trend of smaller Catholic parishes merging into larger ones.

A May 3 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) article and a May 6 Catholic News Service article summarized the "120th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum: Church, Labor, and the New Things of the Modern World" conference held at CUA on May 2 and 3. The event was sponsored by the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies.


Marshall Breger, professor, wrote an op-ed for the May/June issue of Moment magazine (Washington, D.C.) about how cuts to the federal budget may impact the budgets of Jewish social service institutions. He was quoted in an Aug. 5 Forward (New York City) article on the same topic. Breger also was quoted in a July 25 Forward article about the organization Christians United for Israel.

Megan La Belle, assistant professor, was interviewed by American Public Media's "Marketplace" radio program on June 9 about a patent case decision by the Supreme Court against Microsoft.

Amanda Cohen Leiter, associate professor, was quoted in an Aug. 11 Bloomberg Businessweek article about a Supreme Court case involving a dispute between an Idaho couple and the Environmental Protection Agency.

David Lipton, professor, was quoted in an Aug. 3 Bloomberg article about rules the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board proposed to the Securities and Exchange Commission that would place greater disclosure requirements on bond underwriters.

Suzette Malveaux, associate professor, appeared on PBS' "NewsHour" on June 20 to discuss the Supreme Court's ruling that rejected a class-action gender bias lawsuit against the retailer Wal-Mart. Earlier that day she was interviewed on CNN minutes after the high court's decision was released. She also was quoted in a June 20 McClatchy Newspapers article about the case. Malveaux was also asked to contribute to an online discussion of the ruling hosted by The New York Times. Her comments were also syndicated by the McClatchy Newspaper chain. She also spoke with Al Jazeera television and Congressional Quarterly. An open media conference call that was organized by the American Constitution Society disseminated Malveaux's comments widely in newspapers across the country, as well as on legal blogs. She was quoted in a July 27 New Orleans CityBusiness article about the future viability of class-action lawsuits in light of recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings against such suits.

Antonio Perez, professor, was quoted in a June 23 Houston Chronicle article about criminal aliens in the United States.

Victor Williams, clinical assistant professor, wrote an op-ed for the July 4 issue of the Connecticut Law Tribune about the increasingly routine Senate deadlock on many presidential nominations. Williams argued that the presidential power of recess appointment should be used in more forceful ways. He wrote a July 29 opinion article for the Huffington Post, arguing that a federal debt ceiling is unconstitutional. He wrote an Aug. 15 National Law Journal article about Republicans' inability to block recess appointments if President Barack Obama chooses to make them.


Murry Sidlin, professor, was quoted in a July 30 Washington Post article about the 40th anniversary of Wolf Trap, America's only national park for the arts.

An Aug. 1 Washington Post article reviewed a piano recital by Adam Golka at Catholic University on July 30. His performance kicked off the Washington International Piano Festival, co-sponsored by the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music.


The July 3 issue of The Washington Post noted that John McCarthy had been appointed dean of the School of Philosophy.


Duilia De Mello, associate professor, has been featured or quoted in a number of media outlets reporting on an international conference she organized in Rio de Janeiro on "The Evolving Universe." Those include Portugal's Terra (Aug. 14) and Pravda (Aug. 16). De Mello's work was also highlighted on the website of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (Aug. 2).

Leon Ofman, research professor, was quoted in a June 7 article about waves on the sun. He was quoted in a similar June 10 Universe Today article, a June 15 article, a June 17 Fox News online article, and a June 17 CBS News online article. He was quoted in an Aug. 13 International Business Times article about images taken of solar waves in the sun's atmosphere.


John Kenneth White, professor, was quoted in a May 18 Politico article about how President Barack Obama is trying to recapture the energy from his 2008 presidential campaign for the 2012 campaign. He was quoted in a July 15 Politico article on how Obama had dealt with Republicans in a bid to raise the nation's debt limit. He was quoted in an Aug. 17 Washington Post article about presidential vacations.

Theological College

A July 21 Catholic Standard (Washington, D.C.) article and a July 29 Catholic Review (Baltimore) article noted that Rev. Phillip J. Brown, S.S., had been appointed rector of Theological College.

Theology and Religious Studies

Rev. Mark Morozowich, acting dean and assistant professor, was featured in a June 5 Our Sunday Visitor Q-and-A article about the differences between Eastern Catholic churches and the Latin Church. The July 17 issue of The Washington Post noted that Father Morozowich has been appointed acting dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies.

William Dinges, professor, wrote a book review of The FBI and the Catholic Church: 1935-1962 for the spring issue of U.S. Catholic Historian.

Monsignor Kevin Irwin, Walter J. Schmitz Chair of Liturgical Studies, and Brett Garland, a junior theology and religious studies major, were quoted in a June 15 Religion News Service article about the Vatican's attempts to revive Eucharistic adoration. Monsignor Irwin also was quoted in a similar July 8 National Catholic Reporter article.

A May 5 Catholic News Service article summarized a keynote address given by Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, clinical associate professor and associate dean for ministerial and seminary students, at the National Safe Environment & Victims Assistance Coordinators Leadership Conference held in Burlington, Vt., May 1-6. Monsignor Rossetti spoke about the progress that has been made on the issue of clergy sex abuse as well as what needs to be done to address the problem in the future. He was quoted in a June 5 Cleveland Plain Dealer article about clergy sex-abuse cases in Philadelphia and the U.S. Catholic Church's response to such cases. 

Christopher Ruddy, associate professor, was quoted in a July 22 New York Times article about recent challenges to the Vatican on ordaining women as priests.


Andrew Barger, a sophomore politics major, wrote a June 29 Hartford (Conn.) Courant article arguing that Internet neutrality is better than allowing corporations to control access on the Internet.

Regina Conley, a junior history major and editor-in-chief of The Tower (CUA's student newspaper), was a guest on the July 7 edition of WAMU-FM's "The Kojo Nnamdi Show" to discuss President Garvey's decision to phase in single-sex residence halls for undergraduate students.

Two members of Catholic University’s student delegation to World Youth Day were featured in EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” live show on the international youth gathering with the pope in August. Brett Garland, member of the University’s Knights of Columbus chapter, was interviewed while Elizabeth Richmond displayed the Catholic University banner.

William J. Haun, law student, wrote a July 8 opinion article for The Washington Examiner in defense of traditional marriage.

Deidre Lawler, a 2011 graduate and this year's President's Award winner, was featured in a May 26 Catholic Standard (Washington, D.C.) article about the various service activities she participated in while at CUA. The President's Award is the highest honor given to a graduating senior in recognition of service, leadership, and outstanding scholarship.

Sophomore Gabriel Mariani was quoted in a May 2 Financial Times article about the celebrations that broke out in New York City and Washington, D.C., after Osama bin Laden was killed.

John McCarthy, a junior politics and theology major, and Peter Rescigno, a junior politics and Spanish major, were featured in a May 8 Chronicle of Higher Education article about their friendship despite different political affiliations. McCarthy is chair of the College Democrats and Rescigno is chair of the College Republicans. The two students also discussed their friendship on Fox News' "Fox and Friends Weekend" on May 14.

Rosa Moraes, a student in the master's program in early childhood/special education, was quoted in a May 5 El Pregonero (Washington, D.C.) article about the importance of early childhood education in human development.

Sophomore Danielle Piroutek and junior Erin Sullivan were quoted in an Aug. 4 Washington Post Magazine article about difficulties students face during their first year in college.

Matt Urquijo, a junior politics major, wrote an Aug. 12 Huffington Post article about the college experience from the perspective of a Latino student.

CUA in General

A May 5 Arizona Republic article previewed the 22nd American Cardinals Dinner held in Phoenix on May 6. The annual event raises money for scholarships for CUA students. Then-senior Spanish major William Tarraza was interviewed for a May 9 segment about the Cardinals Dinner that aired on "The Bishop's Hour" on 1310 AM in Phoenix.

The Catholic University of America conferred more than 1,500 bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees during its 122nd Annual Commencement Ceremony held May 14, on the east steps of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. John A. Boehner, the 61st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, addressed the Class of 2011. The speech was carried live by C-Span and also covered by ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, The Washington Post, and other media outlets.

A May 19 The Hour (Norwalk, Conn.) article noted that a degree in memoriam was awarded to Neil Godleski, a biology major who was murdered in Washington, D.C., in August 2010. That article also appeared in the Hartford Courant.

A May 22 National Catholic Register (North Haven, Conn.) news brief summarized remarks that Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia, made at the April symposium "Intellect and Virtue: The Idea of a Catholic University" held at CUA.

The July 14 issue of the Arlington (Va.) Catholic Herald noted that Catholic University has launched a website for its challenge to the University community to complete 125,000 hours of service by April 10, 2012, in celebration of the University's 125th anniversary.

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