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July, 2019

For Your Benefit…

By Christine Peterson


At The Catholic University of America, we are genuinely concerned with the well-being of our faculty and staff and their families. The university recognizes that it can be difficult to resolve some of the challenging issues that we face both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Therefore we are pleased to announce that CUA has made a change in its Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider and expanded the services available to include Work-Life assistance.

Effective January 2009, Employee Assistance Program benefits and Work-Life benefits are now being offered through the Carebridge Corp., which provides such services to more than 3 million consumers in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim. These valuable benefits are available, at no cost, to all CUA employees and their immediate family members.

Basic EAP Services
The experts from Carebridge have a proven track record of providing confidential assistance and can help you find solutions to a wide range of personal and family issues. Carebridge EAP counselors will help you with concerns such as:

  • Marital and relationship issues

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

  • Stress management

  • Family/parenting problems

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Grief and loss

  • Financial pressures

  • Difficult emotional problems

  • Spousal/child/parent abuse

  • Work relationships

  • Legal assistance

  • Wellness information

  • Troubling personal matters

Work-Life and Life Management Assistance
Under this benefit, you, your dependents and spouse now can enjoy free telephone consultations with specialized counselors. You can also access online assistance to aid you in the management of personal and family concerns common to contemporary living.

This benefit includes unlimited counselor assistance by telephone concerning issues related to any of the following spheres of concern:

  • Child care resourcing and information

  • Eldercare assistance

  • Parenting information

  • Personal financial management counseling

  • Educational guidance — schooling/college/distance learning

  • Home purchase/sale consultation

  • Relocation guidance

  • Time management and life balance guidance

  • Wellness information

  • Adoption guidance

  • Travel and expatriate information

  • Consumer information

  • Retirement planning

Carebridge is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, by calling 800-437-0911. Carebridge also maintains a Web site at Contact the Office of Human Resources for the CUA access code. Online services include a wealth of additional information to support the counseling services, including child care and eldercare locator databases, legal document center, shoppers’ discount center and wellness tutorials.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources, extension 5050, with any questions regarding this benefit plan.

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