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October, 2019

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Very Rev. David M. O'Connell, C.M.
, university president, was quoted in a Dec. 2 Religion News Service article about how religion impacted events in 2008, especially the presidential election. The article also ran in several newspapers across the country including the Salt Lake City Tribune and the State Journal-Register (Springfield, Ill.).

He was quoted in a Dec. 9 Catholic News Service article about CUA alum Rev. James Patrick Shea, who will become the president of the University of Mary in July. Father Shea, who will be the youngest college president in the United States, earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy from CUA in 1997 and his master's degree and licentiate in philosophy from CUA the following year.

Father O’Connell was quoted in a Jan. 4 National Catholic Register article about Pope Benedict XVI's visits to the United States and Australia in 2008. The Holy Father addressed Catholic educators at CUA during his U.S. visit in April.

The Jan. 8 issue of the Catholic Standard quoted Father O’Connell on the appointment of Bishop Allen H. Vigneron, Catholic University alumnus and a member of CUA’s Board of Trustees, as the new archbishop of Detroit.

Theology and religious studies professors Joseph Capizzi, Sister Mary Ann Clarahan, R.S.M. and William Mattison, and  Monsignor Kevin Irwin, dean and Monsignor Walter J. Schmitz Professor of Liturgical Studies, joined Father O’Connell and NBC’s Jane Hansen in New York on Jan. 28, to tape four segments of “Living Your Faith,” a series sponsored by the Knights of Malta to be broadcast on Catholic television stations throughout the country later this spring.

He was quoted in a Jan. 28 article about the Catholic Church's reaction to President Barack Obama's decision to lift a ban on federal funding to international groups that perform or promote abortions. His comments from that interview also ran in a Feb. 22 National Catholic Register article.

Father O’Connell was quoted in a Feb. 5 New York Times article about Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan, a CUA alumnus and trustee, who was at that time rumored to be under consideration for the post of archbishop of New York. Father O'Connell was quoted in an Associated Press article about the Feb. 23 appointment of Archbishop Dolan as archbishop of New York. That article was picked up by more than 180 media outlets. His comments also ran in the National Catholic Reporter, Washington Times and Catholic News Service, and he was interviewed by a local Fox TV station in New York.


James Brennan
, provost, was featured in a Feb. 20 Inside Higher Ed article about planning underway to implement a first year experience program at CUA.

W. Michael Hendricks, vice president for enrollment management, was interviewed by WRC-TV (Washington, D.C.) for a Jan. 29 news segment on how the economy is impacting admissions at colleges and universities. CUA students Kelsey Flynn and Stephanie Partyka also were interviewed for the segment.

Christine Mica, dean of university admissions, contributed an opinion article to the Feb. 11 Long Island Catholic about evaluating the spiritual component of a school when choosing a college or university.

Architecture and Planning

Travis Price
, adjunct professor, was featured on the Dec. 23 episode of “World’s Greenest Homes” on the Planet Green network. The episode showcased his home in Washington, D.C. 


Franny Murray
, CUA's athletic equipment manager for 61 years, was featured in a Jan. 30 Washington Times article. WJLA-TV also ran a segment about Murray on Jan. 30. The basketball court at the Raymond A. DuFour Center was named after Murray on Saturday, Jan. 31.

A Nov. 25 Washington City Paper article detailed the legacy of the Ricca family in football after CUA won the Southeast Bowl against Johns Hopkins University. Keith Ricca was the quarterback for this year’s CUA squad.


Venigalla B. Rao
, professor, was quoted in a Dec. 24 Science Daily article about research completed at Catholic University and Purdue University that led to the discovery of the atomic structure of a powerful nanomotor that packages DNA into the “head” of some viruses during their assembly, an essential step in their ability to multiply and infect new host organisms. Rao’s comments ran in several science publications across the country.

Business and Economics

Associate Professor Maria Sophia Aguirre’s speech, “The Family and Human Virtues: Economic Aspects” at the VI World Family Encounter in Mexico City, was the focus of a Jan. 16 Zenit news agency article.

Campus Ministry

CUA's Chastity Outreach Ministry was featured in the Feb. 5 issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald. Erin Craine, associate campus minister for women's ministry and social justice, and students Michael Beard, Lauren Joyce and Joan Solomon were quoted in the article.

Canon Law

Kurt Martens
, assistant professor, was quoted in a Feb. 7 Journal News (White Plains, N.Y.) article about how the process of choosing an archbishop has changed dramatically over the past century.

Career Services

Alan Goodman, director, was quoted in a Nov. 25 Maryland Newsline article about the job prospects facing students who were scheduled to graduate in December. The article also ran in several local newspapers including the Baltimore Examiner, Daily Times (Salisbury, Md.) and the County Times (Hollywood, Md.).

Goodman and student Lisa Campbell were interviewed for a Dec. 16 Voice of America story about the economy's impact on the job market for recent college graduates.


John Convey
, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Professor of Education, was quoted in a Jan. 4 Las Vegas Sun article about the Catholic school system in that city.

He also was quoted in a Feb. 11 Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.) article about the possibility that closed churches in the area could be taxed to raise income. Churches are usually tax-exempt but their closures raise questions about their taxability.


An article in the Dec. 1 issue of Bio Mechanics noted that students in CUA’s biomedical engineering program are researching ways to improve the quality of life for people with neurological injuries through advances in rehabilitation engineering.


Michael Kimmage
, assistant professor, wrote a Jan. 1 Commentary (New York City) article about the Jewish history of the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, designated as a “cultural capital” for 2009 by the European Union.

Jerry Muller, professor, wrote an article about the epistemological roots of the economic recession for the Jan. 29 issue of The American magazine. Muller argues that the heads of large, diverse financial institutions did not have a deep understanding of the risk and exposure entailed in the dealings of their institutions.

Leslie Tentler, professor, was quoted in a Feb. 2 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) article about her remarks at a discussion titled “The Obama Administration and the Catholic Social Agenda.” The discussion was held at CUA and was sponsored by the Life Cycle Institute.


Marshall Breger, professor, was quoted in a Nov. 24 Forward (New York City) article about speculation as to who may assume the role of White House liaison to the Jewish community.

Breger also was quoted in a Dec. 19 Catholic News Service article about the need to protect religious sites from commercial development.

He contributed an opinion article about the relationship between the Vatican and the world's Jewish population to the Feb. 19 issue of Washington Jewish Week.

Robert Destro, professor, discussed the inauguration of Barack Obama on Sirius Radio’s Catholic Channel on Jan. 20. 

Richard Dieter, lecturer, was quoted in a Jan. 3 Los Angeles Times article about the decline in executions and new death sentences in the United States in 2008. His comments from that article also were picked up by United Press International. He also was quoted in a Jan. 11 Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) article about local death penalty cases.

Mary Leary, associate professor, was interviewed on National Public Radio’s Dec. 26 edition of “On the Media” about whether pornographic drawings of fictional children present a threat to the safety of real children.

Suzette Malveaux, associate professor, was featured Jan. 20 as a political and legal analyst for BET TV during its televised coverage of inaugural events.

Antonio Perez, professor, wrote an article for the Dec. 1 Legal Times about what Obama should and should not do when he assumes the presidency.

Media Studies

Stephen McKenna, associate professor and chair, was quoted in a Jan. 18 Chicago Tribune article about Barack Obama’s speaking style. McKenna discussed Obama and inaugural rhetoric on “News Talk Live" on News Channel 8 and on Colombia’s La FM Radio on Jan. 19. On Jan. 20 he was interviewed by EFE, a Spanish news service, and Deutsche Presse-Agentur, a German news service. He also was quoted in a Jan. 22 Chicago Tribune article that explored the origins of Obama's inauguration speech.


Murry Sidlin
, dean, was quoted in a Feb. 16 Tulsa (Okla.) World article about his history with the city's Signature Symphony, formerly known as the Tulsa Philharmonic. Sidlin was the music director for the Tulsa Philharmonic from 1978 to 1980 and was the guest conductor for a Signature Symphony concert on Feb. 21.


Pamela Clark, research faculty, was quoted in a Jan. 30 New Scientist (London) article about her work on a "lunar dust buster" to clean away lunar dust which is spiky and clings to surfaces.

Geronimo Villanueva, research professor, was quoted in a Jan. 16 USA Today article about methane found on Mars. He also was referenced in space-related Web sites about the discovery. The Feb. 2 issue of the National Catholic Register noted Geronimo Villanueva’s involvement in the discovery of the Mars methane.


Maryann Cusimano Love, associate professor, wrote a column for the Jan. 12 issue of America about the hope for the peaceful transition of power as Barack Obama prepared to become president. Her Feb. 16 column was about Catholics finding common ground among the two political parties to suit Catholic interests. Her column, “Morality Matters,” appears regularly in the magazine.

Stephen Schneck, associate professor and director of the Life Cycle Institute, was quoted in a Nov. 25 Canwest News Service article about the economic plans of president-elect Barack Obama.

Schneck was quoted in a Jan. 31 Washington Post article about Joshua DuBois, the newly appointed director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Schneck commented on how Catholic bishops have reacted to Obama’s policies on abortion.

Schneck was quoted on Feb. 5 by the Washington Post about the Obama administration and the abortion debate. The article also appeared on other news Web sites.

He was quoted in a Feb. 20 National Catholic Reporter (Kansas City, Mo.) article about a letter distributed on behalf of a project titled Catholic Advocate. The letter claims to bear the words and signature of Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, although his office has denied the letter is officially sanctioned by the senator.

John Kenneth White, professor, was quoted in a Jan. 6 McClatchy Newspapers article about how the election of Barack Obama reflects the changing identity of the United States.


James Youniss, professor, was quoted in a Dec. 1 Diverse magazine article about whether young people will stay involved in politics now that the election is over.

Youniss was quoted in a Feb. 9 Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Ontario, Canada) article about his lecture “Youth Political Engagement: Forging Healthy Identities” delivered at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo on Feb. 6.


William D’Antonio, adjunct professor, was quoted in a Feb. 1 Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pa.) article about the restructuring of parishes in the Diocese of Scranton.

Sandra Hanson, professor, was featured in a Feb. 2 Q-and-A article in Inside Higher Ed about her book Swimming Against the Tide: African American Girls and Science Education.

Theological College

Rev. Melvin C. Blanchette, S.S., rector, was quoted in a Jan. 31 Richmond Times-Dispatch article about a Web site created by the Diocese of Richmond to give young men considering the priesthood a chance to connect with priests. Theological College student Gino Rossi also was quoted in the article. The article also was picked up by the Washington Times.

Father Blanchette also was quoted in a Feb. 2 Catholic News Service article about the use of psychological testing to screen seminary candidates.

Theology and Religious Studies

Catholic News Service covered the Feb. 12 lecture “Which Liturgy is the Church Liturgy?” delivered by Monsignor Kevin Irwin, dean.

Rev. Mark Morozowich, assistant professor and associate dean for ministerial and seminary students, was quoted in a Jan. 31 Richmond Times-Dispatch article about a Web site created by the Diocese of Richmond to give young men considering the priesthood a chance to connect with priests. The article also was picked up by the Washington Times. Father Morozowich was interviewed about the topic by WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) for a segment that first aired on Feb. 7 and was repeated several times.

The Jan. 8 issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald noted that the School of Theology and Religious Studies will host a “Year of St. Paul Symposium” March 20, 2009, in honor of the 2,000th anniversary of the birth of the renowned apostle of Christ. The symposium, which will be held in CUA’s Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center, will feature talks on various aspects of St. Paul’s theology by four New Testament scholars — three CUA faculty members and an emeritus professor at Union Theological Seminary.


Dominic Bonaduce, a junior philosophy major, was quoted in a Jan. 23 Tidings (Los Angeles) article about the Respect for Life Mass held in Los Angeles on Jan. 24. Bonaduce helped organize the participation of the Constantinian Knights, an international Catholic Order of Chivalry founded in Italy several centuries ago to defend the teachings of the Church and do charitable works.

Aaron Damiani, a doctoral student, and a research associate at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, co-authored a Dec. 15 opinion article in the Washington Times about the theological underpinnings of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The article addressed the question of whether religion can ever serve as an instrument for advancing peace.

Junior Kara Fitzgerald was quoted in a Jan. 17 News Times (Danbury, Conn.) article about her plans for the presidential inauguration. She also was quoted in Jan. 20 News Times article about student experiences at the inauguration.

Adam Greene, a junior architecture and planning major, was quoted in a Jan. 21 Columbus Dispatch article about the inauguration.

Rev. Raymond Harris, a student in canon law, was quoted in a Jan. 20 Catholic Review (Baltimore) article about the inauguration.

Julianne Keller was quoted in a Jan. 19 Washington Post online article about the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service on that same day. More than 100 members of the CUA community spent the holiday painting classrooms at a high school in Washington, D.C.

Joe Murray, a third-year law student, was quoted in a Dec. 22 Alexandria (Va.) Gazette Packet article about his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Erik John Ramos, a doctoral candidate in music, was featured in a Jan. 18 Times (Hammond, Ind.) article about his participation as a U.S. Army Band trumpeter in the inaugural parade.

Freshman Colin Schmitt was quoted or featured in three separate Times Herald-Record (Middletown, N.Y.) articles about his experience in Washington, D.C. during the inauguration. His photo with White House press secretary Robert Gibbs also ran on the Politico Web site on Jan. 19.

CUA in General

The Nov. 28 issue of the Metro Herald (Alexandria, Va.) previewed the 20th annual Christmas Concert for Charity. The Dec. 18 issue of the Catholic Standard covered the concert.

On Dec. 1, Most Rev. Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D., archbishop of Washington, university chancellor and CUA’s Cardinal William W. Baum Professor of Theology, gave a lecture at CUA titled “The Synod of Bishops on the Word of God: An Insider’s View.” The lecture was covered by the Catholic Standard.

The Jan. 7 issue of the Washington Business Journal and the Jan. 14 issue of The Washington Post noted the opening of CUA's new Opus Hall — the first LEED-compliant residence hall among colleges and universities in Washington, D.C. — on Jan. 9.

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