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October, 2019

CUA Celebrates Lincoln Bicentennial With a Semester of Courses
For President Lincoln’s 200th birthday next year, the School of Arts and Sciences will offer a multidisciplinary “Lincoln semester” that will provide students insight into the mind, accomplishments and legacy of the 16th president through the spectrum of graphic arts, history, literature, politics and film. See story. 

20- and 10-Year Employees Honored 
On Nov. 18, Very Rev. David M. O'Connell, C.M., university president, hosted a dinner for faculty and staff members celebrating their 20- or 10-year anniversary of employment at the university.  See story.

It's Snow-White and It's Winning Hearts: 'What in the World is That? ...'
Members of the CUA community have been beguiled by the sight of a rare albino squirrel on campus. See story.

Father O'Connell reviews December events and touches on the future of Inside CUA
See From the President's Desk.

CUA Gives for the Holidays
As the season of goodwill approaches, several CUA schools, departments and offices have already begun acts of charity for the holidays. See story.

The New Year ... Are You Ready?
As 2009 approaches, it is a good time for CUA employees to review the benefits plans they've recently chosen and make sure they will be taking full advantage of them in the new year. See story.

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