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July, 2019

’Tis the Season … Open Enrollment Season!

By Christine Peterson, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Peterson writes about new developments in the Office of Human Resources for Inside CUA.

CUA employees at an Oct. 29 information session on open enrollment season.

Last month I introduced you to the new CUA benefits team, led by Benefits Manager Laurie Borman. Aside from wanting all CUA employees to know the members of this team, I had another motive! As of Nov. 3, our annual employee benefits Open Enrollment process will begin and continue through Nov. 16. The CUA benefits team and the entire HR team are ready to assist employees with this year’s enrollment process.

This year’s Open Enrollment offers some exciting new changes:

Improved HMO Plans – No more referrals required for specialists, and an expanded, nationwide provider network.

Improved Dental Plans – 100 percent coverage for preventative care and a new, expanded network of providers.

Improved Vision Plan – Added benefits for eyeglasses.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) – Our new EAP provider, Carebridge, will offer enhanced benefits for employees and their immediate family members. Carebridge services include personal help for work and life needs, including counseling services to address behavioral, financial and legal concerns. Watch for additional information during 2009 regarding the diverse benefits offered by Carebridge.

Flexibility of Choice – Select and pay for only the specific level of coverage you desire. All medical, dental and vision plan options will be available on an a la carte basis.
Benefits Manager Laurie Borman reviews the open enrollment process.

Online Resources – All benefit-eligible employees will enroll online this year during the Nov. 3–16 enrollment period. The new online program offers a simple, time-efficient approach to enroll and will provide you with ongoing resources throughout the 2009 plan year. All eligible employees must enroll through the online process to select or opt out of each benefit plan offered, including life and disability insurance, which is 100-percent funded by CUA. Even employees who are not enrolled in medical, dental and/or vision insurance plans must go online and enroll in benefits plans.

Plan Rates – As we are all aware, the cost of health care and health insurance has continued to rise for the past several years. Last year, CUA was successful in negotiating renewal rates without an increase. For 2009, employee contributions will reflect a modest increase, far below the national and industry average rate increases.

Happy Holidays! – Wishing you had a bit more cash for the December holidays? As of January 2009, CUA will begin deducting employee health, dental and vision insurance contributions on a different cycle. As a result of this change, all eligible employees who currently have deductions for these plans will be ‘deduction-free’ for the month of December. This is a one-time-only transition and does not apply to other deductions such as those for TIAA-CREF, flexible spending accounts, etc.

I hope you are as excited about these plan improvements as we are! As for the future, we will continue striving to enhance and diversify our employee benefit plan options. Please watch for ongoing benefit plan information throughout 2009.

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