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October, 2019

Meet the New CUA Benefits Team!

By Christine Peterson, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Peterson will be writing about new developments in the Office of Human Resources in each monthly issue of Inside CUA.

The benefits team (from left): Terry Shields, Laurie Borman and Akosua Ayisoe.
The provision of employee benefits for all faculty and staff is a high priority within the Office of Human Resources, so we’ve focused on assembling a CUA benefits team. In March, Laurie Borman joined the HR staff as benefits manager. Under Laurie’s direction, Terry (Fletcher) Shields was promoted to benefits specialist and, in August, Akosua Ayisoe was hired as a second benefits specialist.

This new team has set out to improve and expand the benefit programs available to eligible CUA faculty and staff. And the team is here to assist CUA employees in using and maximizing their benefit plan options. If you have benefit plan needs or questions, you can contact the team members as follows:

Laurie Borman, ext. 4174
Terry Shields, ext. 5262
Akosua Ayisoe, ext. 4176

What’s New and Exciting? Open Enrollment for the 2009 benefit year! Laurie and her team will be introducing a new online process for Open Enrollment and for employees’ year-round benefits needs. This online system will provide each user with an easy-to-use enrollment process, simplifying and streamlining the use of CUA’s benefit plans. Using the new system will provide all employees with resources they can access any day, anytime and anywhere.

Each faculty or staff user will have a unique user ID that will ensure a secure, confidential experience in using the online site.

During the first two weeks of November (the Open Enrollment period), Laurie’s team and the entire HR team will be ready and available to guide faculty and staff through the new online experience.

Please watch for upcoming information on Open Enrollment and the new online system. Watch out for news of the following, as well:

  • Low-cost flu shots
  • A mini health fair – with free chair massages and vision screenings

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