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July, 2019

Student Restaurant Opens with a New Look

The third-floor student restaurant in the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center is sporting a new look. Over the summer, new booths and CUA memorabilia were added to give the restaurant a more student-centric feel. With the help of a team of students, Ralph Scherini, associate vice president for business services, oversaw the collection of items that celebrate the CUA experience. Items ranging from sports equipment to textbooks are displayed in the restaurant. The memorabilia on display will be changed periodically to reflect developments in the university.

Following are several pictures of the restaurant’s makeover.

Students fill the remodeled restaurant at lunchtime.

One of the more interesting items hanging from the walls is a set of library card catalog drawers.

Along with the memorabilia, new booths were added to make the dining space more intimate.

Items celebrating CUA's music and drama programs are featured in one section of the restaurant.

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