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July, 2019

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Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., president, was quoted in the Dec. 2 issue of The Boston Globe regarding the death of Monsignor Frederick R. McManus, former dean and professor emeritus of CUA’s School of Canon Law. During his career at CUA, Monsignor McManus also served as CUA’s academic vice president and vice provost and dean of graduate studies.

Father O’Connell, who wrote his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Monsignor McManus, was quoted in a Dec. 2 Catholic News Service story on his death. This article appeared in more than 100 Catholic publications across the United States.

Father O’Connell was featured on the Jan. 6 WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) broadcast of the evening news in a segment that discussed foreign language instruction at American colleges and universities. Speaking from the State Department, where he was attending the University Presidents Summit on International Education, Father O’Connell said interest in learning foreign languages has declined in the United States.


John Convey, provost, was awarded the Benemerenti Medal by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for his many years of service to the Catholic Church through his work at Catholic University. His award was mentioned in the Dec. 15 Arlington (Va.) Catholic Herald, the Dec. 21 Olney (Md.) Gazette, and the Jan. 5 Catholic Standard (Washington D.C.).

Michael Hendricks, vice president for enrollment management, was quoted in the Dec. 1 issue of Careers & Colleges magazine (New York) about the quality of education available at CUA.

Canon Law

Monsignor Thomas Green
, professor, was quoted in a Dec. 14
Riverside Press-Enterprise article about a southern California priest who was being tried for heresy. This story was picked up by the Associated Press and appeared in more than 100 publications across the United States.

Monsignor Ronny E. Jenkins, associate professor, was quoted in a Dec. 16 St. Louis (Mo.) Post-Dispatch article about excommunication from the Catholic Church.

Rev. Robert J. Kaslyn, assistant professor, was quoted in the Jan. 7 issue of The New York Times about the role of women in the Pecos Benedictine Monastery in northern New Mexico.


Diane Bunce
, associate professor, provided commentary for a Nov. 24 National Public Radio broadcast of the program “Day to Day.” She discussed the science of cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Law School

Helen Alvare, associate professor, participated in a roundtable on Jan. 5 titled “Abortion and the Supreme Court” that aired on C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 television on the night of Jan. 7 and also ran on the C-SPAN Web site throughout the following week.

Clifford S. Fishman, professor, was quoted in a Dec. 10 front-page New York Times story regarding government tracking of cellular phones. The story was reprinted in more than 20 publications across the United States.

Media Studies

Charles Tryon, visiting assistant professor, participated in a Nov. 30 roundtable on the new video iPod that was published in the online journal BRAINTRUSTdv.


Murry Sidlin
, dean and professor, was profiled in the Jan. 6 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education (Washington D.C.) for his work over the past 10 years as conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra for its annual New Year’s Eve concert at the Kennedy Center.

Jody Gatwood
, associate professor, gave an interview for a CNN television about a series of children’s concerts given by the National Philharmonic Orchestra – of which he serves as concertmaster – during the week of Dec. 4. This segment aired on CNN more than a dozen times in the week that followed.


Joanne Duffy
, associate professor, published an article on heart failure that appeared in the Dec. 1 issue of Home Healthcare Nurse magazine (Louisville, Ky.).


Dennis Coyle
, associate professor, was interviewed by The Denver Post Jan. 9 about the first day of the confirmation hearings for Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court.


He did an interview about the possibility of a Catholic majority on the Supreme Court with ABC News’ Nightline that aired on Jan. 24. The confirmation of Alito would make him one of five Catholic justices on the nine-member court.

Coyle was interviewed on Jan. 12 by Gannett News Service about the performance of Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats at the Alito confirmation hearings.

Michael Foley, associate professor, was quoted in the Dec. 15 South Florida Sun-Sentinel regarding the implications of the Patriot Act in the U.S. government’s monitoring of anti-war activists.

John Kenneth White, professor, was quoted in a Nov. 17 Investor's Business Daily (Los Angeles) article regarding public support for President George W. Bush and the U.S. role in Iraq. He was quoted in a Nov. 19 Economist (London) column on the same topic.


William D'Antonio
, adjunct assistant professor, was quoted in a Dec. 20 Daily Orange (Syracuse, N.Y.) article regarding the differing attitudes toward popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI among younger and older Catholics.

Dean Hoge, professor, was quoted in a Dec. 2 issue of The New York Times about the recent Vatican directive that bars practicing homosexual men from entering Catholic seminaries.

Hoge’s 2002 publication titled The First Five Years of the Priesthood was quoted heavily in a front-page article about the priest shortage in the United States that appeared in the Jan 9 issue of the National Catholic Register (North Haven, Conn.).

Rev. Donald Paul Sullins, assistant professor, was quoted in a Dec. 8 Catholic News Service article about the Catholic Church’s position on the ordination of women and married men.

Theological College

Rev. Melvin Blanchette, counseling associate, was quoted in a Dec. 21 Catholic News Service story about the screening process of U.S. seminaries as it relates to homosexuality. This story appeared in more than 20 Catholic publications across the United States.

Theology & Religious Studies

Monsignor Kevin Irwin
, dean, gave an interview Dec. 14 to CNN about the public debate over the extent to which religious faith should be acknowledged during the holidays.

He was interviewed by CNN about the sacrament of reconciliation for a story about an art exhibit in Georgetown that features 2,000 postcards, each one sent anonymously and inscribed with a message about a secret. The story aired Dec. 20 on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

He was interviewed Jan. 9 by I.D. magazine about the history and symbolism of the clerical collar. The magazine, which covers art, business and the culture of design, is based in Los Angeles.

William Dinges, associate professor of theology and religious studies, was interviewed Dec. 13 by Ireland’s RTE Radio for a story about criticism of this year’s White House Christmas card by U.S. Christian groups.

CUA in General

Catholic University was mentioned in a Nov. 21 Washington Post article about oversight measures area schools have taken to prevent administrative abuse in light of the scandal involving American University President Benjamin Ladner in October 2005.

CUA’s Marriage Law Project was mentioned in a Nov. 16 ABA Journal (Chicago) article about the Alaska Supreme Court’s decision to reject a ban on benefits for same-sex partners of public workers.

Catholic University and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception’s 17th annual Christmas Concert for Charity raised over $13,000 for SOAR (Support Our Aging Religious), and was the subject of articles in the Dec. 15 issue of the Arlington (Va.) Catholic Herald and in the Jan 5. issue of the Catholic Standard (Washington, D.C.). ran a story on Dec. 13 about CUA’s formation of a new athletic conference along with seven other Division III schools.

Catholic University was mentioned in a Dec. 20 Barbara Walters ABC special on heaven that featured an interview with Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. In his interview with Walters, Cardinal McCarrick referenced his role as chancellor of Catholic University.

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