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October, 2019


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Helene Robertson
, director, International Student and Scholar Services, was asked to head the “Task Force on Katrina Regulatory Issues” for the National Association of International Educators (NAFSA). The task force was charged with recommending regulatory and procedural relief for international students, faculty and researchers affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Awards and Honors

CUA was awarded the Community Partner Award on Sept. 17 from the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute for the university’s many years of service in conjunction with the institute. CUA’s Department of Education has partnered with the institute and other organizations on several initiatives designed to provide training and education for teachers who work with special-needs students.

James Zabora, dean and associate professor, National Catholic School of Social Service, was selected by the International Psycho-Oncology Society to be a member of its Scientific Committee, which will plan the society’s June 2006 conference in Venice, Italy.


Ildiko M. Kovach, professor, chemistry, was awarded a $225,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund her study titled “Probing Proton Bridges in Catalysis by Thrombin,” which began in August 2005 and is scheduled for completion in July 2007.


Timothy Noone, professor, philosophy, was awarded a $12,500 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue his work on a project titled “John Duns Scotus: Critical Edition of the Reportatio Parisiensis,” transcriptions of lectures the philosopher gave in Paris between 1302 and 1307.

On the Road

Maria Sophia Aguirre, associate professor, business and economics, delivered a lecture titled “The Market and Human Development" at the International Conference on Social Justice, an event hosted by The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 27.

Monsignor Brian Ferme
, dean and professor, canon law, delivered a lecture titled “Behind the Scenes at the Vatican” at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 6.

Ildiko M. Kovach, professor, chemistry, gave a presentation titled “Full and Partial Deuterium Solvent Isotope Effect Studies of a-Thrombin-Catalyzed Reactions of Natural Substrates” at an international conference held at the University of Bath (U.K.) from June 27 to July 1.

V. Bradley Lewis, associate professor, philosophy, presented a lecture titled “Globalization, Catholic Social Teaching, and the University: Notes Towards an Agenda” at a conference titled “Joy in the Truth: The Catholic University in the New Millennium” sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture and held at the University of Notre Dame from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1.


He gave a lecture in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 12 titled “The Common Good in Classical Political Philosophy and Its Relevance to Current Legal and Political Discussions” at a conference hosted by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs that was streamed via digital videoconference to an audience in Mexico.

Five CUA students from the U.S. Foreign Policy class taught by Maryann Cusimano Love, associate professor, politics, were part of a Sept. 16 "Make Poverty History" student panel that gave students the opportunity to question world leaders and United Nations officials about issues of world poverty. The panel participated in a videoconference held at Georgetown University that was broadcast to the U.N. Millennium Development Goals World Summit.

Christina Hunt Mahony, director,
Center for Irish Studies, attended the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures held at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, in July. Mahony is a member of the executive committee of the organization, and she initiated and moderated a session on contemporary Irish playwright Sebastian Barry.

Leopold May, professor emeritus, chemistry, gave two presentations at the 230th American Chemical Society National Meeting that was held in Washington, D.C., from Aug. 28 to Sept. 1. The first presentation was titled “Isolation of Two Natural Products from Almond Seed Coats,” and the second was titled “Variation in Phenolic Ka of Parabens with Varying Ester Group and their Effect on the Hammett Function.” CUA research associate John J. Sczepanski assisted with these presentations.


May presented "Mössbauer Studies of 151Eu in Europium Oxalate, Europium Bis Salen Ammonium and Europium Benzoate,” at the International Conference on the Application of the Mössbauer Effect held in Montpellier, France, from Sept. 5 to 9.

Rev. Francis J. Moloney,
the Katharine Drexel Professor of Religious Studies, was one of two U.S. delegates appointed to the 11th General Synod of Bishops held in Rome in October.

N. Thomas Pedersen, lecturer and co-chair of the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music’s music theater department, is music director for The Washington Savoyards' production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado” at the Duke Ellington Theatre (Washington, D.C.) from Nov. 3 to 6. CUA senior Brian Lilley is in the lead role as Ko-Ko. The ensemble includes the following CUA students: senior Jessica Ball, sophomore Jamie Boyle, senior John Dellaporta, sophomore Erin Dunn, freshman Patrick Guetti, sophomore Jeff Higgins, junior Laura Keena, sophomore Kate Stringer and senior Kate Williams.
Rev. David N. Power, O.M.I.
, professor emeritus, theology and religious studies, will present a lecture on Nov. 6 entitled “The Eucharist as Bond of Unity and Community” at Chestnut Hill College (Philadelphia). The lecture is the third installment of the college’s four-part series of lectures on the Eucharist.

Stephen Wright, professor and acting chair, English, gave a plenary lecture "Genres of Sanctity:  Literary Representations of Archbishop Richard le Scrope" at the Conference of the Society for Fifteenth-Century Studies held at the University of York (U.K.) from Sept. 2 to 4. The occasion of the conference was the 600th anniversary of the execution of Archbishop Scrope by order of King Henry IV of England.



Matthew Green, assistant professor, politics, published an article that appeared in a 2005 issue of American Politics Research about occasions when Speakers of the House face challenges from within their party in Congress. 

Christopher Kauffman, professor, theology and religious studies, published an article titled
"Protests and Programs:  The Catholic Relief Services in Vietnam, 1954-1975” in the April issue of the Catholic Historical Review. The article was a longer version of his presidential address to the American Catholic Historical Association, of which he was president until January 2005.

D. Zhang and Ildiko M. Kovach, professor, chemistry, published an article titled “Full and Partial Deuterium Solvent Isotope Effect Studies of
a-Thrombin-Catalyzed Reactions of Natural Substrates” for issue 127 of the Journal of the American Chemical Society in May 2005. D. Zhang was postdoctoral collaborator.  


Leopold May, professor emeritus, chemistry, Pamela Tuma, assistant professor, biology, and John Golin, professor, chemistry, published findings of a study titled “The Role of Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Groups in the Interaction of Substrates with Pdr5p, a Major Yeast Drug Transporter” in issue 44 of Biochemistry. CUA biology graduate student Leanne Hanson; James Keeven, CUA department technician, biology; and Patrick Mehl of CUA’s Vitreous State  Laboratory contributed to this report.

Timothy J. Meagher, associate professor, history, is the author of a book titled The Columbia Guide to Irish American History, published by Columbia University Press.

Elizabeth M. Plionis, professor emeritus and former associate dean, National Catholic School of Social Service, and Mary Agnes Thompson, librarian for collection services at CUA, co-wrote an article titled “The Scholarship Crash on the Internet Highway: Implications for Faculty-Librarian Collaboration” that appeared in vol. 11, no. 1. of The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work.


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