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October, 2019


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WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) mentioned CUA’s spring 2005 commencement on its May 13 program “9 Eyewitness News Tonight” and its May 18 program “9 Eyewitness News This Morning.”

The Associated Press ran a May 14 article on the commencement, which was picked up by the WJLA-TV (Arlington, Va.) Web site. WTOP-AM (Washington, D.C.) provided May 14 coverage of commencement, and Catholic News Service included CUA in its May 25 commencement roundup story, which also appeared on the May 25 Catholic Online ( Web site (Bakersfield, Calif.).

The May 16 Catholic Standard (Washington, D.C.) covered the ceremony and ran a separate article featuring graduate Katie Bower, recipient of the 2005 President’s Award, in its graduation issue. The May 19 Arlington (Va.) Catholic Herald featured an article about the commencement and its main speaker, James Towey, director of faith-based and community initiatives at the White House.

An excerpt from Towey’s speech was included in a June 12 New York Times roundup of commencement speeches around the United States.


Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., president, was mentioned along with Murry Sidlin, dean of the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, and Grayson Wagstaff, associate professor of music, in an April 7 Arlington (Va.) Catholic Herald preview of CUA’s 2005 President’s Concert “Waging Peace: Music in Time of War,” a four-performance series that ran April 14 to 17.

On May 31 Father O’Connell appeared on the Fox News Channel program “Your World with Neil Cavuto” to discuss the Vatican’s decision to expedite the canonization process for the late Pope John Paul II.

The June 30 issue of Paulist Today featured a photo of Father O’Connell with Rev. John Lynch, C.S.P., and an excerpt from O’Connell’s remarks about his former teacher that first appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of CUA Magazine.

Architecture and Planning

Iris Miller, adjunct associate professor, was featured along with her students in a June 8 Northwest Current (Washington, D.C.) article about the Whitehurst Freeway Deconstruction Feasibility Study, which juxtaposes the potential benefits and drawbacks of closing D.C.’s Whitehurst Freeway.

Travis Price
, visiting critic and associate professor, was quoted in a May 14 Mayo (Ireland) Times article regarding his contributions to the Spirit of Place sculpture trail.


The June 3 Washington Post noted the appointment of Michael S. Allen as CUA’s director of athletics. Allen’s appointment was also noted in the June 4 issue of The Washington Times and in the June 17 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

CUA sophomore Michele Repass, member of the CUA field hockey team and fourth generation CUA student-athlete, was featured in “NCAA on Campus,” a Comcast SportsNet program that aired in its Mid-Atlantic region on May 16 and 23, and in its Philadelphia region on May 17 and 24.

Business and Economics

Kevin F. Forbes, associate professor, was quoted in a July 13 Reuters article about the economic impact of regulating the emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Canon Law

Monsignor Ronny Jenkins, assistant professor, participated in a May 13 interview with KFWB-AM Radio (Los Angeles) about the Vatican’s decision to expedite the process leading to sainthood for the late Pope John Paul II.

He was quoted in a May 15 Boston Globe article about a debate among the U.S. Catholic bishops about whether to retain a policy that removes from ministry priests convicted of sexual abuse. The article also ran in the May 15 Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram.

He was quoted in a May 30 San Francisco Chronicle article about the appointment of Archbishop William Levada as prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith and about issues that Levada will face in his new post, like the U.S. clergy sex abuse crisis.

He was quoted in a June 15 Chicago Tribune article about the U.S. Catholic bishops’ zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse by priests. The article ran in several papers across the country.

He was quoted in a June 25 Sacramento (Calif.) Bee story regarding the canonization process and the life of the late Pope John Paul II.

He was quoted in a June 29 Journal News (Scarsdale, N.Y.) article about a group of parishioners who are lobbying to stop the Archdiocese of New York from closing a local Catholic school.

He participated in a June 29 interview with National Public Radio about the U.S. clergy sex-abuse scandal.

He was quoted in a June 29 article that ran in the Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal and the Journal News (Westchester, N.Y.) regarding the defrocking of six New York-area priests as a result of sexual misconduct.


The April 15 Metro Herald (Alexandria, Va.) ran a preview of “Two Days Folly” and “Give Unto Caesar,” two one-act plays presented April 28 to May 1 by the CUA Department of Drama and the Archdiocese of Washington’s Paul VI Institute for the Arts.


CUA’s team of engineering students competing in the annual American Society of Civil Engineers' National Concrete Canoe Competition was mentioned during the event’s coverage on the June 29 WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) programs “Eyewitness News This Morning” and “Eyewitness News at Noon.”


CUA’s annual spring poetry festival was mentioned in a July 28 article that ran in the Catholic Standard (Washington). The event featured Walt Whitman Award-winning poet David Bottoms.

Enrollment Management

Doris Torosian, director of financial aid, was quoted in a June 14 Washington Times article about an expected interest rate increase in certain types of student loans issued by the U.S. Department of Education.

General Counsel

Margaret L. O’Donnell, assistant general counsel, was quoted in a July 8 article appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the possibility of CUA implementing additional security measures to continue to prevent students from engaging in illegal online file sharing.


Leslie Tentler, professor, and Dean Hoge, professor of sociology, were quoted in a June 17 Catholic News Service article about a recent poll suggesting religious attitudes of citizens in the United States are stronger than religious attitudes of their Western European counterparts. Tentler was quoted in a June 25 article appearing in The Tablet (Brooklyn, N.Y.) regarding this poll.

Tentler gave a June 9 interview to The Denver Post for an article about what it means to be Catholic in 2005.


A May 7 Washington Post brief announced the appointment of Veryl V. Miles, professor, as dean of the Columbus School of Law. Her appointment was the subject of a May 23 Washington Times article, which also ran May 31 on the Web site (New York). Miles’ appointment also was mentioned in the May 9 Washington Examiner (Alexandria, Va.), the May 15 National Catholic Register (North Haven, Conn.), and the June 10 Washington Business Journal.

Helen Alvaré, associate professor, was quoted in an April 28 Catholic News Service (Washington, D.C.) article about “Real Women’s Voices,” an April 27 event that brought many women to Capitol Hill to share their pro-life views with U.S. senators.

Alvaré participated in a May 9 ABC World News Tonight interview about the pastor of a North Carolina Baptist church who allegedly banned from services church members who voted for Sen. John Kerry during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. The interview also aired May 9 on the KXXV-TV (Waco, Texas) program “News 25 at 10.”

Marshall Breger, professor, was quoted in a July 8 article appearing in the Jewish Week News (New York) regarding the resignation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the top political issues that are likely to play a role in the appointment of her successor.

Breger also was quoted in a July 8 column appearing on the MSNBC online publication Slate regarding the recent outpouring of Jewish support for Fred Malek, managing partner of the Washington Baseball Club, and his company in their bid to purchase the Washington Nationals baseball team from Major League Baseball.

Robert Destro, professor, participated in a May 7 National Public Radio interview discussing the relationship between Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians.

Destro was quoted in a July 21 Denver Post article regarding President George W. Bush’s nomination of John G. Roberts Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Clifford Fishman, professor, was quoted in a May 7 Associated Press article about the high number of court-approved wiretaps being used in New York to suppress organized crime. The article also ran in the May 7 Weekend Reformer (Brattleboro, Vt.), Telegraph (Nashua, N.H.) and Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald.

Lisa Lerman, professor, was quoted in a May 27 New York Times article about defendants who hire multiple lawyers to represent them in civil trials.

Michael Noone, professor, was quoted in a May 9 Associated Press article about “hot-dog” pilots. The article ran in the May 9 USA Today (McLean, Va.) and Star Ledger (Newark, N.J.) and the May 23 Air Force Times (Springfield, Va.).

He participated in a June 7 interview for the National Public Radio program “Justice Talking” about litigation over the U.S. Department of Defense’s “stop loss” program.


The appointment of Michael McLane as director of University Libraries was noted in a June 9 Washington Post brief and in a June 16 Washington Business Journal news brief.

Media Studies

Lisa Lynch, professor, discussed literature and science fiction as a guest on the June 3 program “Odyssey,” a daily talk show produced by Chicago Public Radio.


Therese-Anne Druart, professor and director of the Center for Medieval and Byzantine Studies, was interviewed by El Mercurio de Santiago (Chile) for a lengthy June 5 article with photos about a seminar and public lecture she conducted in Santiago in May 2005. Her lecture, on the conception of God in Islam and Christianity, was sponsored by the Universidad de los Andes and the Center for Arabic Studies of the School of Philosophy and Humanities of the Universidad de Chile.

Rev. George McLean, professor emeritus and director of CUA’s Center for the Study of Culture and Values, was quoted in a May 16 Web article about efforts being made by American and Iranian academics to further educational exchange between their respective countries.

McLean also was quoted in a July 21 Maryland article regarding the importance of interfaith dialogue and cooperation between religious groups.


Steve Kraemer, associate professor of physics and associate director of the Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Sciences, was interviewed on July 26 by CFRB-AM (Canada), about the launch of the space shuttle Discovery.

The findings of Vladimir Krasnopolsky, research professor, were reported in a July 20 article that appeared in the Red Nova News online magazine. Krasnopolsky’s research focuses on the presence of methane in the atmosphere and the possibility of life on the planet Mars.

He also was quoted in a July 20 Web article appearing in Astrobiology magazine regarding his research about the Martian atmosphere.


Wallace Theis, associate professor, appeared on the WTTG-TV (Washington, D.C.) program “Fox 5 Morning News” on July 8 to discuss al Queda and the terrorist attacks in London.

John Kenneth White, professor, was quoted in an Aug. 13 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article regarding the Democrats’ inability to win the Catholic vote in the 2004 presidential election. The story was issued by the Associated Press and appeared in more than 50 publications across the United States.


John Convey, provost and Saint Elizabeth Seton Professor of Education, was mentioned in an April 4 Wyoming Catholic Register brief about a CUA study on Catholic education being conducted in the Diocese of Cheyenne (Wyo.).

Social Service

The research of Elizabeth Bertera, associate professor, and her colleagues was featured in the May 9 Health and Medicine Week (Atlanta), May 11 Biotech Week (Atlanta) and May 14 Obesity, Fitness and Wellness Week (Atlanta). Their study measured the effects of negative and positive social influence on anxiety and mood disorders.

Grace Clark, director of the National Catholic School of Social Service Center on Global Aging, was quoted in a June 2 Catholic Review (Baltimore) article about changes proposed by President Bush to the U.S. Social Security program.


William D’Antonio, adjunct assistant professor, was quoted in a June 23 Denver Post article about what it means to be Catholic in 2005.

Dean Hoge, professor, was quoted, along with Rev. Patrick Gransfield, O.S.B., professor of theology and religious studies, and Monsignor Robert Trisco, professor emeritus of theology and religious studies, in an April 13 Washington Post article about the history of Catholic Church governance and its process of appointing bishops. 

He also was quoted about U.S. Catholics’ reactions to the election of Pope Benedict XVI in the “Quotable & Notable” section of the April 29 National Catholic Reporter.

He was quoted in a May 1 Associated Press article about a planned Vatican evaluation of American seminaries in response to the clergy sex-abuse scandal. The article ran in the May 1 Bucks County Courier Times (Levittown, Pa.), Courier-Post (Cherry Hill, N.J.), Connecticut (Bridgeport) Post, Sunday Enterprise (Brockton, Mass.), Gloucester County Times (Woodbury, N.J.), Burlington County Times (Willingboro, N.J.), and the May 2 Philadelphia Inquirer.

He participated in a May 17 interview with the Denver Post about Americans who are converting to Catholicism.

He was quoted in a May 28 Washington Examiner (Alexandria, Va.) article about the ordination of five priests in the Archdiocese of Washington and the current shortage of priests within the U.S. Catholic Church. The article also ran in the May 28 (Bridgeport) Connecticut Post.

He also was quoted in a June 3 News-Sun (Waukegan, Ill.) article about the decisions of some Catholic and Protestant clergy to abandon their clerical positions.

Theological College

Rev. Anthony Pogorelc, counseling associate, was quoted in an Associated Press story regarding the Catholic lay reform group Voice of the Faithful. The article also ran on the Web site.

Theology and Religious Studies

Rev. Christopher Begg, professor, was quoted in a July 8 Washington Post article regarding Metro passengers’ safety concerns in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in London.

William Dinges, associate professor, was quoted in a May 14 Associated Press article about the Society of St. Pius X, a traditionalist priestly splinter group, and the group’s reaction to the election of Pope Benedict XVI. The article also ran in the May 14 Kansas City (Mo.) Star.

He also was quoted in a May 3 Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, Ill.) article about the murder of children by parents who justify their acts with the belief that their children will enter heaven expeditiously.

Dinges was quoted in a July 14 Associated Press story regarding a splinter church in Pittsburgh. The article also ran on the Web site and in several other U.S. publications.

Rev. John Ford, C.S.C., professor, was quoted in a May 6 Catholic Star Herald (Camden, N.J.) article about various reflections by theologians on Pope Benedict.

John Grabowski, associate dean and associate professor, was quoted in a May 5 Herald News (Passaic, N.J.) article about the issues Pope Benedict XVI faces in the Catholic Church.

Michael A. Hoonhout, assistant professor, was mentioned in an article regarding the Church’s position on evolution that appeared in the Explainer column of the MSNBC online magazine Slate on July 12.

He was quoted in a July 17 story that aired on National Public Radio regarding the Church’s stance on the theory of evolution in light of recent remarks by two Roman Catholic cardinals indicating possible support for the concept of “intelligent design.”

Monsignor Robert Trisco, professor emeritus, participated in a March interview for a PBS documentary titled “Vatican City and the Papacy with Burt Wolf” that began airing on public television stations nationwide in May.

An article by Rev. James Wiseman, O.S.B., associate professor, about calls made by Pope Benedict XVI for dialogue between scientists and the Vatican ran in the May 26 Science and Theology News (Quincy, Mass.).

CUA in General

2005 Catholic University graduate Jessica Casper was mentioned in a May 15 Washington Post article about herself and other American students who experienced Sept. 11 as freshmen.

CUA was mentioned in a June 10 Washington Business Journal article regarding its $22 million purchase of 49 acres of land from the Armed Forces Retirement Home in April 2004.

Amelie Brogden, associate director for conferences and event planning, and Kristin Tyre, a conferences and event planning student manager, were quoted in a July 22 Catholic News Service article regarding CUA’s summer housing options for interns.

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