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March 4, 2005

Making Headlines: American Cardinal’s Dinner and Mass

The 16th American Cardinals Dinner and Mass, held Jan. 28 in Miami, garnered a good deal of media exposure for Catholic University. The Miami Herald ran advance stories about the fundraising dinner in its Jan. 25 and 27 editions. Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., CUA president, was interviewed for the latter. Ernest Suarez, chair and associate professor of English, also participated in media interviews before the dinner. On Jan. 27, he was the featured guest in an hour-long live Spanish-language interview on the program Radio Paz, which is broadcast via satellite radio and heard throughout the United States and Central America. The following morning, Suarez and Victor Nakas, executive director of Public Affairs, were the featured guests on a live hour-long English-language program about CUA that aired on Radio Peace, heard in the Miami area. Both radios are affiliated with the Archdiocese of Miami. Suarez and Jessica Madrigal, director of summer sessions, also did interviews in connection with the dinner for the Miami Herald's Spanish-language edition. 

The Mass and dinner were covered by local print and electronic media. The Associated Press ran a story that was published by at least 20 newspapers around the country. Coverage of the dinner by the reporter for Miami’s archdiocesan newspaper ran on the Catholic News Service wire and was picked up by various Catholic newspapers in the United States. Miami television stations WTVJ-TV, WLTV-TV, WBFS-TV and WSCV-TV all reported on the Mass and dinner for their afternoon or evening broadcasts on Jan. 28. The following morning, the Miami Herald featured an article about the dinner.


Excerpts from the keynote address given by Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., president, at the Jan. 27 “Celebrate Catholic Education” dinner at the Adams Mark Hotel in Buffalo, N.Y., were featured in a Jan. 28 Buffalo News article. The annual event raises money for schools and religious education programs across western New York state. In advance of the address, the Western New York Catholic interviewed Father O’Connell for a story about him that ran in its November issue.

On Feb. 2, Father O’Connell appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Live” and offered commentary on Pope John Paul II after he was hospitalized.

He was featured in a Feb. 17 Catholic Standard (Washington, D.C.) article about his longstanding friendship with Bishop Michael Bransfield, former rector of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., who was installed as bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (W.Va.) on Feb. 22.

On Feb. 24, he appeared on the CNN program “Wolf Blitzer Reports” to give a live interview about the pope and his legacy after the pontiff was hospitalized a second time in recent weeks. He also was interviewed Feb. 24 by WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) about the pope.


Eric Jenkins, assistant dean and assistant professor, was noted for creating his own version of a Murphy bed in a Feb. 16  Washington Times article about objects that can be converted into multiple pieces of furniture in order to fit spatial needs.


Beginning Dec. 12, 2004, Maggie Lonergan, head coach of the CUA women’s basketball team, has been featured each Sunday as the subject of “Adventures of Maggie,” a Washington Post Magazine column that details the coach’s day-to-day life. The column is scheduled to run weekly for several months.

Canon Law

Monsignor Brian Ferme, dean and professor, participated in a Jan. 16 interview with Voice of America about papal elections.

On Feb. 24 he did a live interview with Associated Press Radio to discuss Vatican protocol in the event of a health crisis affecting the pope. He did a second interview on the topic with AP Radio and another with People Magazine on Feb. 25.

Rev. John Beal, associate professor, was mentioned in connection with an October 2004 workshop he delivered to the Diocese of Wyoming tribunal in a January Wyoming (Cheyenne) Catholic Register article.

Monsignor Ronny Jenkins, assistant professor, was quoted in a Jan. 19 Catholic News Service article about a Mass commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Mary Virginia Merrick, the founder of the Christ Child Society. CCS is a Washington, D.C., service group that serves the material, educational and emotional needs of at-risk children. Monsignor Jenkins was the main celebrant at the Mass. The article ran in the Jan. 20 Catholic Standard.

He also was quoted in a Feb. 9 Washington Times article about new guidelines issued by the Vatican that are designed to curb marriage annulments.


Shavaun Wall, chair and associate professor, was quoted in a Jan. 20 Catholic Standard brief about a $1.25 million award given to CUA’s ParaEd program by the U.S. Department of Education. The program, run by Metropolitan College, disperses certificates to special education teaching assistants.


Rosemary Winslow, associate professor, was mentioned in a Feb. 8 Washington Post column highlighting a series of written tributes to poet Walt Whitman and the decade he spent in Washington, D.C. The tributes are displayed in “Beltway,” an online quarterly of poetry.

Enrollment Management

Christine Mica, director of admissions, was quoted in a December Grand Rapids (Mich.) Family article about the college selection process faced by American high school students and their families.


Larry Poos, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and professor, appeared on the Feb. 10 WTTG-TV (Washington, D.C.) program “Fox 5 Evening News” to discuss the history of laws governing marriage within Great Britain’s royal family.


On Jan. 12, William Fox, dean and professor, was an online guest on and discussed the Supreme Court decision that day which redefined federal sentencing guidelines from “mandatory” to “advisory.”

Michael Noone, professor, participated in a January interview with the Army Times (Springfield, Va.) and discussed claims that Maj. Gen. Thomas Fiscus, the judge advocate general of the U.S. Air Force, was treated leniently after he admitted to sexual improprieties.

In an “NBC Nightly News” interview that aired Jan. 29, he discussed advice given by Michael Chertoff, head of the Department of Justice Criminal Division, to the CIA regarding interrogation techniques.

A Jan. 26 symposium on capital punishment held at CUA’s Columbus School of Law was the topic of a Jan. 28 Catholic News Service article. The article focused on strategies adopted by opponents of the death penalty to limit capital punishment’s application for inmates with mental illnesses.

Library and Information Science

A column by Edwin Clay, adjunct professor, on the ancestral lineage of the American race known as Melungeon, appeared in the January issue of Bacon’s Rebellion, a Virginia-based online op/ed publication.

Modern Languages

Lourdes Alvarez, assistant professor, was featured in a Feb. 2 Catholic News Service article about her analysis of the Hollywood depiction of Muslims and Arabs. The article ran in the Feb. 2 Catholic Online (Bakersfield, Calif.).

CNS also covered a subsequent Media and Islam lecture given at CUA on Feb. 15 by Georgetown University professor Michael Hudson.


Murry Sidlin, dean, was lauded in a Jan. 21 review article that ran in the Yedioth Achronoth, Israel’s largest daily newspaper. The story focused on the DVD version of “Defiant Requiem,” a musical production created by Sidlin and performed in this instance by the Oregon Symphony Orchestra with the Portland Opera House Choir.

Andrew Simpson, associate professor, was quoted in a Dec. 24 Catholic Free Press (Worcester, Mass.) article about a new Master of Music in Composition degree that will be offered beginning next fall by the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music. A Jan. 16 National Catholic Register brief and a Jan. 19 Long Island Catholic (Hempstead, N.Y.) article also acknowledged the new CUA degree.


Joanne Duffy, associate professor, was quoted in a December Health & Medicine Week (Atlanta) brief about a report written by CUA nursing faculty on nonpharmacological approaches to heart failure management.


Rev. Brian Shanley, associate professor, was featured in Feb. 1 Providence (R.I.) Journal Bulletin and Feb. 3 Warwick (R.I.) Beacon articles announcing his appointment as president of Providence College, effective July 1.

Jude Dougherty, dean emeritus, did an interview with WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) and appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” show to discuss the pope’s legacy on Feb. 24.


David Jobes, professor, was quoted in a Jan. 15 Washington Post article about a recent spate of suicides on Washington, D.C., college campuses, and steps that are being taken to prevent them.


Dean Hoge, professor, was quoted in a Dec. 26 Our Sunday Visitor article about findings that show parishioners give donations to their church and other charities based on the amount of money they have and the amount of their Church involvement.

Summer Sessions

Jessica Madrigal, director, was quoted in a February Washingtonian magazine article about Washington, D.C., college summer programs geared toward ambitious high school students.

Theology and Religious Studies

Peter Casarella, associate professor of theology and religious studies, was interviewed Feb. 25 by both CNN and Fox News for stories about the pope that aired that day.

The Jan. 28 issue of Commonweal magazine (N.Y.) featured a cover story written by Rev. Joseph Komonchak, professor. The article challenges the perception of wrath that many Christians attribute to God.

Monsignor Kevin Irwin, the Monsignor Walter J. Schmitz Professor of Liturgical Studies, was a guest on Relevant Radio’s (Green Bay, Wis.) syndicated national broadcast on Feb. 25. He spoke about Lenten practices for half an hour.

CUA in General

Syndicated columnist and author E.J. Dionne Jr.’s Nov. 16 lecture on “Catholics and Presidential Politics” at Catholic University was featured in a Nov. 26 Catholic Free Press (Worcester, Mass.) article and in a Dec. 5 National Catholic Register brief.

A cooperative study in the Diocese of Wyoming conducted by CUA and the Catholic Education Office on the status and future of Catholic education there was mentioned in a January Wyoming Catholic Register article.

Vice President Richard Cheney’s visit to CUA’s campus to give a speech on Social Security public policy was featured in a Jan. 14 Catholic News Service article, which ran in several diocesan papers. Cheney’s speech also was covered by the Jan. 16 Sunday Record (Middletown, N.Y.), the Jan. 16 York (Pa.) Sunday News, the Jan. 17 Daily Times (Primos, Pa.), the Jan. 18 Pensions and Benefits Reporter (Washington, D.C.), and the Jan. 23 Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.).

Catholic University undergraduate Erin Crawford, a member of CUA’s “Students for Life,” appeared on the Jan. 22 CNN program “CNN Saturday Morning News” and discussed ways in which her group rallies against the Roe v. Wade verdict.

On Feb. 2, the WTTG-TV program “Fox 5 News at 10” broadcast a gathering of Catholic University students in CUA’s Caldwell Chapel. Undergraduates Maureen Brady and Chris Smith offered their thoughts on Pope John Paul II, who at the time was hospitalized with the flu. Students also appeared on the Feb. 1 WJLA-TV (Arlington, Va.) program “Primetime Report” and the Feb. 2 WJLA-TV program “Good Morning Washington” to discuss their concerns for the Pope.


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