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October 8, 2004



On Sept. 17, Maria Sophia Aguirre, associate professor of business and economics, was appointed to the board of directors for the Fellowship of Catholic Schools.

Awards & Honors

On Aug. 7, Andrew Abela, assistant professor of business and economics, won the Best Paper Award for “Return on Measurement: Relating Marketing Metrics Practices to Strategic Performance,” which he co-authored with Tim Ambler of London Business School and Bruce Clark of Northeastern University. The paper was presented at the American Marketing Association’s summer conference, Aug. 4-7, in Boston.

On July 13, Professor Aguirre was awarded the Magister en Gestion Educativa (magistrate of education management) by the Consejo Iberoamericano (advisory board) of Lima, Peru, in recognition of her research and teaching.

Luciann Cuenca, an undergraduate majoring in biochemistry, won a $16,000 scholarship from the National Institutes of Health for showing a strong commitment to a career in biomedical, behavioral or social-science health-related research. The scholarship, awarded in August, will be used toward Cuenca’s tuition and will also allow her to work at NIH. She currently is a lab assistant to Ildiko Kovach, professor of chemistry, performing research on biochemical principles that govern drug design for regulating blood clot formation in bleeding disorders and diseases of blood circulation.

In August, Joseph Santo, assistant dean of music, and the late Anthony Stark, lecturer of music, each received a 2004-05 ASCAP Plus Award from the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers in recognition of their musical compositions, the value of their music and the numerous performances of their works.

Sara Thompson, dean of Metropolitan College, was informed that Metropolitan College will receive an Award of Excellence for “Invest in Yourself and in Your Future,” a campaign to market and promote the college. The award will be presented by the Mid-Atlantic Region of the University Continuing Education Association during its Oct. 6-8 annual conference in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

On the Road

Professor Abela gave a keynote presentation titled “Rethinking Reputation Management” at the Sept. 14 inaugural meeting of the Communications Executive Council, held in Washington, D.C.

Professor Aguirre recently gave four lectures off-campus:

  • On Aug. 23 she presented “Family and Economic Development: Socioeconomic Relevance and Policy Design” at the European Regional Dialogue Conference for the Family, held Aug. 23-25 in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • On Sept. 14 she presented “The Relevance of the Family for Economic Development” at a Sept. 13-14 conference in Madrid titled “Migration, Microfinancing and Education: The Role of Women in the Arab World."
  • On Sept. 24 she presented “Socioeconomic Relevance of the Family” and “Family and Human and Social Capital: Their Relevance for Policy Design” at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Rob Barnard, instructor of art, will give a Nov. 7 lecture on the influence of Japanese aesthetics on American potter-sculptors and the receptivity of American craftsmen and artists to this influence. His talk will take place at a Nov. 5-8 Harvard University symposium on Japanese ceramics.

Carrie Gardner, assistant professor of library and information science, led a Sept. 26 session titled “Intellectual Freedom Update 2004” at the Pennsylvania Library Association Annual Conference held Sept. 26-29 at the Valley Forge Convention Center.

Lisa Gitelman, associate professor of media studies, will give a lecture on historical occasions when reading appeared to be at risk due to non-print media, at a Nov. 18 public panel discussion titled “Reading at Risk” at the University of Maryland.


"Bus Terminal in Colombia, South America,"   by CUA architecture student Ralf Kunzli.

Phillip Henderson, associate professor of politics, gave a July 12 lecture titled “The Bush Administration, Iraq and Groupthink: Why Eisenhower Would Have Avoided Military Intervention” at the Eisenhower Summer Institute. The institute, held July 12-16 at Gettysburg College, focused on President Dwight Eisenhower’s national security policy during the 1950s.

Architecture student Ralf Kunzli’s CUA master’s thesis, titled “Bus Terminal in Colombia, South America,” was included in the “Colombian architects abroad” category of the XIX Bienal Colombiana de Architectura 2004 national awards ceremony, held July 28, and was exhibited July 22-28 in Cartagena, Colombia.

On May 17, Richard Velkley, professor of philosophy, presented a paper titled “The Historical Project of Kant’s Critique of Reason” at the Beijing International Symposium on Kant’s Moral Philosophy in Contemporary Perspectives, held May 17-19 at the University of Beijing.

On May 27, Velkley presented a paper titled “Freedom as Nihilistic and as Noble: Perspectives from Heidegger’s Nietzsche-interpretation” at a conference titled “Heidegger and Nietzsche: Second Meeting of the Martin-Heidegger-Forschungsgruppe,” and held May 26-29 in Messkirch, Germany.

Four plays, each written by a CUA graduate student of drama, received a staged reading at the Kennedy Center New Play Festival on Sept. 4:

  • “Children of the Sea,” by Glen Mas
  • “How the Ground Was Healed and the Nitrogen Cycle,” by Deborah DeGeorge
  • “Interior Rift,” by Adam Lehmanis
  • “The War Over Feldspar,” by Warren Perry

Nursing school faculty representing community and public health have been selected to give two presentations at the Nov. 6-10 American Public Health Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C. The presentations will be given by Sister Rosemary Donley, professor; Sharon Dudley-Brown, assistant professor; Sister Mary Jean Flaherty, professor; Eileen Sarsfield, adjunct assistant professor; and Heidi Maloni and Laura Taylor, both program coordinators and doctoral students. The presentations will be:

  • “Improving Access to Health Care for Vulnerable Populations: An Innovative Educational Approach”
  • “Changing Public Health Environment and Implications for Public Health Nursing Education”


Ildiko Kovach, professor of chemistry, wrote two articles that were recently published:

  • “Stereochemistry and Secondary Reactions in the Irreversible Inhibition of Serine Hydrolases by Organophosphorus Compounds” appeared in volume 17 (2004) of the Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry. The article was an invited review for a special issue in honor of Professor William P. Jencks, an international leader in physical chemistry.
  • “Proton Inventory Studies of α-Thrombin-catalyzed Reactions of Substrates With Selected P and P’ Sites,” co-authored with E.J. Enyedy, appeared in volume 126 (2004) of the Journal of American Chemistry Society.

Five volumes of essays in honor of the 75th birthday of Rev. George McLean, O.M.I., professor emeritus of philosophy and director of CUA's Center for the Study of Culture and Values, were published this year:

  • To the Mountain: Essays in Honour of Professor George F. McLean was published by Fu Jen Catholic University Press in Taiwan
  • Diversity and Dialogue: Culture and Values in the Age of Globalization was published by Minerva Press in Sophia, Bulgaria
  • Cultural Heritage and the Future of China was published by Jiangxi People’s Press in Nanchang City, China
  • Philosophical Traditions and Contemporary World: Russia-West-East was published by Publishing House of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
  • Globalization and Communication was published by the Washington-Bucharest Press in Bucharest, Romania

Father McLean was also honored in the editorial note of Prajnavihava: Journal of Philosophy and Religion (Vol. 5), published by Assumption University of Thailand in Bangkok (2004).

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